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Temperature/humidity issues

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Posted 16 April 2012 - 01:51 AM

So I have a couple of issues with the temperature and humidity levels of where my hamster will be living.
I'm going to keep my hamster in my room when we get one. (The hamster kind of has to stay in my room... ) but the problem is that my room is pretty small. My bed LITTERALY takes up half my room so my room is the the size of 2 queen beds + a little extra. Its gets really stuffy and humid in my room. On some mornings my mom says my room smells and she opens the windows. Its not hot or anything outside and... sometimes on random days, i'll be sitting in my room, and I start sweating a little. When that happens, I open my door (because its in the hallway) so I guess it allows the trapped in air to escape and I open my window. Doing these things really helps and it brings my room back to a normal temperature. The hamster will be all the way across the room from the windows, so it wont affect him at all if I open the windows. The problem is... I cant ALWAYS open my windows( Like if i'm on vacation) and it still gets stuffy. Will the humidity affect the hamster at all? what can I do to help with this issue?

Another issue is the hamster will be near the airvent (he isn't right next to it, but he's about 3 feet away on a 20 inch table and the airvent is on the wall facing down. The airvent is closed, but there is still a good amount of air coming out. During the winter it gets pretty cold in my room. We on the heat... but again, because of my room size, it gets overheated in my room. My back gets sweaty and I start itching. When this happens, I just leave my room and go back in an hour or so when my parents decide to turn of the heater. How do I controll this? How do I prevent this issue from affecting the hamster?
I don't think it gets over-heated in my room too much during the summer but if it does, we have a ceramic dish which I can freeze and put in his cage.

I think 90% of these problems will be solved if my cage has good ventillation. I think the cage idea we're going with... (or we will probably go with) has a nice amount of ventillation. We're going to stack 2 bins; Each bin is a 66 qt bin. The width is 16 inches wide and length is about 26 inches. (outer measurements) Inner are 13W and 22L. we're going to be cutting 1/4 inch cage bars from a wire cage and using that instead of mesh. The cage bars wont cover the entire lid and entire side like this:
Posted Image

it will be JUST like this. Im gonna cut the window just a little slim:
Posted Image

FOR THE 1ST/TOP BIN- we'll cut a window that size for the front long side and the top.
FOR THE 2ND/BOTTOM BIN- we'll cut a window that size on the front long side, and both of the short sides.

Is this enough ventillation and will it help with the problems?

*btw none of these pics are mine.They're off google images.*

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Posted 16 April 2012 - 03:10 AM

That's a great amount of ventilation for breathing! :D The ventilation will surely help with your heat problem, but I'm not sure if it will fix everything. For example, of course you aren't in a cage, so you get total ventilation, yet you are still hot. So, likewise, even if the hamster had total ventilation, wouldn't it still be hot? Could you get a room fan or something for your room? Also, when you were talking about the window and the heater, is it possible you can move the cage somewhere else in the room where it can reach window air and is not directly by the heater? Good luck! :D

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Posted 16 April 2012 - 03:41 AM

I have a fan That I can put next to the cage, and have it face away from the cage, would that help with the heat? And no. :( my rooms too small. It's really too small to put the cage anywhere else.

We're also building an extra room (like an insulated room) outside of the house were we have our deck. (our deck is HUGE) that room will have heating and I can ask to put him there in a tank or a bar cage which is 30in L by 16 in W.

Plus it's summer right now so we won't need to turn on the heater, anyway. It's kinda odd how my room stays a perfect temperature when it's hot, but not cold. Oh well. I'll try to control to temperature for now... Then in a couple months I'll beg to put him in the other room. :D

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