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Should I have our dwarf hamster put to sleep?

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Posted 12 April 2012 - 07:09 PM

I am too old i feel at sixty to own a pet hamster,and my health isnt very good at all,and i have elderly parents who i need to go over on a hours bus journey several times a week to help them out,as my father isnt good at all-mum dont want him put in a nursing home but she cant cope very well with him at all-its starting to get too much for her so i go over a lot each week to be there for her and help her out.We dont think my dad will last much longer now as he's deteriating very quickly-he had a lot of things wrong with him,and is like a zombie now as he has worsening dementia.
By the time i get home at night i'm just too tired to bother getting our dwarf hamster out to handle and play with & because of this,when i do have her out once a week i've noticed how shes changed-she proberly does miss all the time and attention i used to give her-as i used to have her out mornings and at night for several hours a time and let her go in her playbox-her exercise ball,a free run around our hall or living room as she was once so tame she'd come up to me,it was easy to catch her-plus i used to handle her a lot.

She has bound to have felt neglected because of my not been able to devote a lot of time with her anymore.I still love our little roborovski but she seems depressed and seems to have gone wild now and the odd time i do get her outt she resents been handled and just wants to get away from me & she wont now play with me anymore like she used to,and i've also notices she isnt anywhere near as friendly and as lively and as active as she used to be either-plus i think shes stressed cause over this past couple of months shes had several different changes of large hamster cages-but now shes been put back in a much smaller Mini Duna-cause i just cant cope with lugging heavy extra large hamster cages about-plus they took up way too much space in our small cramped flat so i have now sold the zoozone 1 & 2 and Savic Mickey 2 XL cages as i couldnt cope with manouvering them about room to room etc and with them taking up room we just dont have-so our robo is back to stay in a mini duna now.

What do you suggest I do-that will be best for our roborovski AND me-should i call it a day now in keeping hamsters or any animal as a pet given my poor health & my parents needing me to go over such a lot-and when dad passes i will need to spend even more time with mum when shes on her own-there'll be no time for pets-so should i take the hamster to a vet & ask for her to be put to sleep-rather than try & find her another home-as finding a suitable trustworthy person to rehome her would be hard to find and the animal could end up been ill treated with another owner,& i havent really the time or the energy to search for a new owner-so would it be best to have our roborovski put to sleep & to sell all the hamster items and NOT have anymore future pets now-cause of needing to be with mum even more when dad passes-plus my health been not been good at all-and my age,been almost sixty years.As nice as it is to own a pet- i think it'd be kinder in my situation to have the robo put gently to sleep at the vet & to accept that i cant have any more pets now,and that its too much for me to cope with in my situation-so do you think i am making the best decision to pack up been a hamster owner now,and have our pet robo put to sleep & not to have anymore pets,cause i'm going to be spending a lot more time than ever at my mums after dads passed on to help mum in her grief & to be company for her-and with my own health not been very good-plus with my been almost sixty years of age.So do you think its time to let our robo go now rather than keep her when i'm not going to have hardly anytime for her anymore.I dont like parting with her as i love the little mite,but my son doesnt like animals and wont look after her and given my situation i'll be not able to spend anytime handling her and playing with her the way i used to so is it kinder to have her put to sleep & not keep pets anymore now?
I doubt whether i'd be able to consider another pet when i have lost both mum & dad,as i'd be way too old to cope with or bother with pet hamsters then,or even a cat or dog with my health not been good-plus we're in a high rise block of flats so it wouldnt be ideal for a pet like a cat or dog.

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Posted 12 April 2012 - 07:24 PM

first of all I'm sorry thar things aren't going to well for you and that you can't cope with your pet anymore.
However, your pet is healthy, and to me it is impossible to even consider putting an animal to sleep for the simple reason that we don't have time for it anymore.
I would suggest trying to rehome her instead if really you can't deal with her anymore.
Try asking online, looking for shelters that would take her in.
But you know, hamsters and especially robos are not really bonded to humans, as long as your pet has a big enough cage and accessories to keep her busy, she can do well on her own.
It's still alot better for her than to change homes or be put to sleep if you can cope with it.

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#3 Yuukio


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Posted 13 April 2012 - 01:40 AM

No decent vet would put an animal to sleep simply because you can't care for it anymore. That is not a reason to put an animal down.

Plenty of decent, caring people would be willing to take in a hamster that you can no longer care for, it wouldn't take much time at all to find another good home for him. You could put up a flyer for him at local pet stores, or see if any of your local animal shelters would take him in. The latter might be the best option, since it would take far less time on your part. No new owner could be as bad as putting him to sleep for no reason.

I would never ever consider putting an animal to sleep for this reason. Euthanasia is for sickly animals with little to no quality of life left. It would be quite cruel to put him to sleep.

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Posted 13 April 2012 - 02:09 AM

I agree with the above.

I know things are getting complicated in your life right now. And you feel badly about not giving your robo the time and attention you once were able to. Milkyfactory made a good point: many hamsters do just fine being left alone mostly. If you can just give it food and water, and change the bedding here and there, the little robo should be fine. And, sometimes when we are stressed out from human things, it can be very relaxing to have a pet to talk to, handle, etc.

But, if you do not think you can keep the hamster any longer, putting it to sleep should not be an option. It just shouldn't. Please please exhaust all other options. Is there anyone from the UK on this forum who might take in your hamster? Is there a shelter? Can you put ads out in the paper? Please, please do everything you can to give this robo a new home before even considering putting it to sleep.

#5 emilystar


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Posted 13 April 2012 - 03:35 AM

Like everyone else said please do not put them down. They are still perfectly healthy and can make a great pet for somebody. I'm sure there's some UK people that would be more than willing to help you out. You can take them to a shelter or even go to a vet's office and ask them if they know of anybody looking for some hamsters, you can even put up a flyer in their office if they allow you to. You could also make an add on Craigslist or put one in the newspaper. There are still many options for you so don't stop looking :) Of course you can ask any maybe future owner questions to test their hamster knowledge and see if the hamsters will be well cared for. Honestly even if you can't find a perfect owner it's still better than killing them. A chance of a good life is better than none at all.

#6 Genevie


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Posted 13 April 2012 - 04:56 AM

I agree with all that's been already said. Sometimes bad situations come up, and there's nothing we an do to stop them. But we always have a duty to make sure our hamsters have good lives, so trying to rehome is the best option. Whereabouts in the UK are you? Maybe someone here could help out? I've been looking for a girl robo myself, actually.

#7 hammyfriend


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Posted 13 April 2012 - 05:49 AM

I am sorry for your difficult situation, it sounds very tough.

Agree with all above comments, but would like to add: what about putting add up under the "international adoptions" section on this forum :) All the UK members that I have met on HH are loving and caring :)

Also, maybe you could put the word out within your group of friends- you never know how may take the hamster. As mentioned dwarf hamsters are not overly needy pets, maybe one of your friends would be willing to adopt?

#8 PinkPumpkinGirl


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Posted 13 April 2012 - 05:57 AM

Please don't put your hammy to sleep! I loved my hamster when life was simple and I had all the time in the world, and I loved them when I went to school for 8 hours then went to work for 6, then went home took a shower, slept for 3 hour (maybe!) then went back to school and everything repeated. Some days I'm so busy I don't get to play with them,then the next I did get to for an hour. Like others have mentioned, others out there are looking to adopted. Others out there have time to take care of your hamster and give it the love,care,and time it needs. DON'T GIVE UP! I looked to adopt a hamster for MONTHS!I'm sure others out there are looking too! Give them a chance! If not ask how to get the word out. Someone is out there. I promise. :heartbeat:

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