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Hamster Smell

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#1 Apples


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Posted 09 April 2012 - 12:13 PM

So my hamster Boo today smells really odd. Like a bit off/stinky. Her cage smells fine and she doesn't hoard rotting food (I only give her small pieces that she eats on the spot). The only thing different is that I changed the layout of her cage last night and added a few toys and such. She has a bowl with bathing sand in it and normally she smells well... hamster-y. Does she just smell off today because I changed her cage and she was busy re-scenting everything? I also clean the cage about every week and a half and the last time was 3 days ago. She's acting normal otherwise. She's perky, hungry, and silly like she always is. She's a Dwarf Pearl WW (probably mixed with Campbell).

Also I am not actually sure that Boo is female, so yeah.

She has rolled around in the sand a couple of times, so I think she's noticed her weird smell, too.

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#2 tinypixie


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Posted 10 April 2012 - 12:14 AM

Not entirely sure! It would be helpful to figure out if she is a male or a female, though. In case she is a male, see if there is a scent gland, a round, hard thing in the center of the hamster's belly, about where a "belly button" might be. If there is a hard, crusty thing there, it's probably a male, and he's probably scent marking a lot because of the frequent bedding changes.

I know female syrian hamsters have "smelly times" every week, but not sure about dwarfs.

ALso, I have a dwarf, probably hybrid, male who smells kind of funny, and it's not due to lack of cleaning. He's just got a distinctive odor that *some* dwarf males have. He also does have an active scent gland, in the spot I described above. I know it's just his body odor, because after I handle him and put him away, my hands still smell lightly of his odor. But, after seeing the vet, they determined he is perfectly healthy.. he's just a wee bit smelly :D

#3 Apples


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Posted 10 April 2012 - 02:43 PM

Well I smelled Boo before and she just smelled like... well a furry animal. Yesterday was awful, but as the day went on she started to smell more normal. Today she smells just fine, so I guess she was just rescenting stuff ;D