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What should I do?

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Poll: Should I move into the office?

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Should I Move My room into the office in the basement?

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#1 SyrianPumpkin


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Posted 28 March 2012 - 06:26 AM

OK So hello fellow HHers! I need YOUR help! So i've been complaining my room is way to small, it's an ok size but I just have to much junk for it :P So My dad suggested I could move into the basement office and my mom's office would go upstairs in my room. I Want to move down stairs but I'm juts not sure and I need some help choosing!

reasons why I want to move down stairs:
1. It's WAY bigger than my room now.
2. it's close to a bathroom
3. it's close to our 60 inch TV
4. It's closest is bigger

reasons i'm unsure
1. I like natural light and well since it's a basement the window is quite small
2. the electric box to the switches are in there so it's like a big ugly
3. my bed room has been close to my parents since I was little and it would feel weird not being close :P

Yah i do really want to move into the basement Office but The mane problem would be That I really like natural light :P well actually I like any light! and it doesn't get much light but that can be easy to fix with tons of lamps :)

So i really need you guys to help me choose! I don't know witch one to choose and it's driving me CRAZY!

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#2 emilystar


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Posted 28 March 2012 - 10:03 AM

I would chose to move into the basement :) You can always put a lot of lighting in. You can even get those bulbs that make people happier. (forget what they are called but I know they use them in Washington since it is so dreary there) You can decorate the switch box :) Border it in a cool duck tape, ribbon, or fabric. You can even put a white board or a cork board over it :) Also your parents will be right upstairs if you need them. They wont be far away :)