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What to do with Darmani?

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#1 Lucas


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Posted 28 March 2012 - 06:10 AM

Saphira passed away on Thursday last week. And since then, Darmani has taken a drastic turn for the worse. Naturally, she's going to be suffering from anxiety, due to the fact her sister--who she's spent every single day with since birth with--has passed away.
Since then, even almost a week later she hasn't run on her wheel even once. Perhaps she has while I'm at work, but at night no matter what, they were always running together. So I am finding that rather disconcerting.

I also don't notice her eating very much. I had two bowls of food in for them, in case of fighting, and now I only have one for her. She didn't even eat her favorite treats, or any of the fresh foods I gave her. :\
She's also become impossible to handle. She won't come to my hand, or even let me get near her, which isn't normal either.

I'm just wondering what I can do to help her out...I feel really bad. I still don't know what caused Saphira's death; I may never know. Perhaps it was just her time. And the suddenness of her death and how they were both happy-go-lucky the previous days makes me think that's exactly what happened. :sad: I\m trying to prevent it from happening again.

Any suggestions?

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#2 SyrianPumpkin


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Posted 28 March 2012 - 06:36 AM

Hmmm Do you have anything like a chew or toy Saphira liked you could give Darmani? to remind her of her? or something that smells of her? I'm not really sure. I'm really sorry about Saphira :(

:candle: Rest in Peace Saphira :candle:

#3 Christmas_hamster


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Posted 28 March 2012 - 07:14 AM

I would pm missPixy, she'll have some ideas.

#4 tinypixie


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Posted 28 March 2012 - 08:35 AM

Ohh that's sad :/ But perhaps keep some of the old tissue or bedding in there for a while, in case she is still comforted by the smell of her sister. But I wish I had something more concrete :/

#5 missPixy


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Posted 28 March 2012 - 09:59 PM

the most important thing here is the anorexia. often dwarfs become anorexic
when a bonded housemate dies. if she stays anorexic for a long period of time,
her digestive tract will start to shut off, and create bad gut flora. this in turn
creates painful gas, and Saphira won't be able to eat at all.

two things: I found in this instance that cilantro (chinese parsley) which is an
herb sold in produce sections, is very helpful to both increasing the appetite
of an anorexic hamster, and giving them more energy. basil is also known to
cause this reaction, although I haven't tried it myself.

second, you may need to consider the possibility of adopting a very young
female to see if you can get Saphira to bond with her. usually, dwarfs who
are very depressed over housemates dying are good candidates for a new
friend... but you need to get her eating as soon as possible.

does she have any favorite fresh foods she loves? how about a bit of apple,
chopped into nailhead-size pieces? or strawberry? something juicy and

#6 Lucas


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Posted 28 March 2012 - 10:54 PM

Thanks for your responses guys. :hug:

@MP: I don't notice her any skinnier than normal, which makes me believe she must be eating something. Just not as much. But I understand if she keeps up on this track, her tiny body will start to deteriorate quite rapidly.
I'll run to the grocery store today and look for the parsley, thanks! :)
They loved boiled egg, that was their most favorite treat. She even turned THAT down! :sad: And it would be great if she'd eat it, cause I know the protein would be beneficial.

I broke down her cage and separated the ovo from the tank, so she doesn't have access to the upper level. This way I can monitor her better, and when I feel she's doing better I'll put it back. It's easier to keep an eye on her this way.

As for introducing a new robo, I have thought about it, but after what happened last time I'm a little nervous. Of course you make a good point with her being, clearly, depressed and lonely, she might be more apt to accept a new cage mate. Infact, Darmani was the more calm of the two; Saphira was the dominant one. I wonder if that doesn't have anything to do with her situation, as well. She was the follower. :sad:

I have access to two 8 week old robos at work; BOTH female. So, the situation is difficult. I don't want to leave one lone robo by herself, but I don't think it's wise to have 3 robos in one tank again. So I don't really know what to do there!

I just want her to be happy and healthy. I don't want to see her suffer. :'(

#7 Mika


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Posted 29 March 2012 - 01:14 AM

Awwwww, Jordyn !
I hope she gets better. I understand your dilemma though.
You could get Darmani a friend but have to abandon a robo.....
>_< You'll make the right decision. I give you the best of luck
Hope Darmani gets better <3