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Hello Everybody-I'm A Newbie As Of Today

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#1 stbarnabasbelle


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Posted 22 March 2012 - 03:24 AM

Hello Everybody I'm a Newbie on here as of today-gosh I didnt realise how many hamster forums were on the internet including ''Hamstercentral'', ''Hamsterfanatic'',''Hamsterhouse'' ''Madabouthamsters'' etc

Its confused me knowing which one to join-I did join a couple of others inc ''Hamsterfanatic'' but that was a mistake as i never had any replies to my posts-so perhaps not so many people use those hamster forums.

Have already posted several posts on here as i'm desperate for answers to my queries-so hope i have better luck with these forums.

I'm a middle aged lady in my late fifties from Birmingham UK-So yes,maybe i'm a little too old to be keeping hamsters as pets-as most people class hamsters as childrens pets-but i adore hamsters-my favourites being the Roborovski and Winter White Dwarf hamster- i find them so friendly and cute-and they are less work than the bigger syrian variety-they dont take up quite so much time.

I have a female roborovski called ''Dinky'' and a Winter White female called ''Bella''I kkep them both in a Mini Duna each which i find quite adequate for them.
I did temporarily upgrade them both to a Zoozone 1(70 cm long) but i never saw the hamsters after putting them in a bigger cage-they just felt insecure i suppose with all that space-they wouldnt come out-they'd just stay hidden away-so i have downgraded them both now back into their Mini Dunas-they're far happier in those cages- i think they feel more secure-they come out again now both for a play in the day as well as at night.

I've now sold the Zoozone 1's.I hadnt really got the space for big cages like that anyway as i'm in a small flat with no big enough tables or cabinets to place a big cage on-those zoozones looked so out of place-plus i was broke that week after buying them-but have now sold them on.

Its all very well various hamster websites and the RSPCA stating hamsters need XL cages between 80 and 100 cm long or more if you havent got the space to keep such a large cage-or the money to afford them-which i havent- as am on income support-it just about covers the bills and food-but only just.

#2 Spangoid


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Posted 22 March 2012 - 05:13 AM

Welcome to the forum! You are never too old to keep hamsters!

With regards to the money issues you seem to having, I suggest that you put some to the side each week just in case of any vet bills, as by taking on an animal, no matter how big or small, its your duty to give that animal all the care it needs.

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Posted 22 March 2012 - 05:59 AM

Welcome to the forums!
It's always nice to see the older generation on this site :D I am not alone! (I'm 33, so getting there I think :P) And you're from this side of the pond! Always good :D
A bin cage might be an excellent choice of cage for you, it's cheap to make, easy to make, too, and will afford the hamster the room they need :) Believe me your hamsters will be MUCH happier in their bigger homes, and be less bored, too :)
I'm on all kinds of support money, too 'cause I'm unable to work, so I'm totally hearing you about the money thing, but once you set aside some money for a cage project, they're cheap to maintain after that. Cheaper than most other pets anyways.
Hope you have fun on this site and find out lots of useful info on cages, cage sizes etc. This site certainly seems to be more community minded than most others I've seen, despite the relatively small number of UK people here.
Always good to see this number growing though! Welcome aboard :D

~Chris and Blue~

#4 emilystar


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Posted 22 March 2012 - 06:29 AM

Hi welcome to HH :)
This site is definitively friendly and full of lots of advice :) Definitively more friendly than another pet forum where the people would pretty much tell people that they did not care about them, only the animals, and were very rude about every bit of advice they gave out. Here it's about the people as much as the animals :)