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No Room For XL Cage For Dwarf Hamster

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Posted 22 March 2012 - 02:31 AM

Have a single female Roborovski and a single winter White Dwarf Hamster-each in a Mini Duna.A lot of people on hamster forums say you need a minimum of 70 or 80 cm long in a cage-but is that nessasary for a single dwarf hamster?I wouldnt buy pairs of roborovskis or winter whites as past experience is they always ended up having to be seperated eventually-so now i only keep singletons.

I recently bought ''Dinky'' & ''Bella'' a Zoozone 1 cage each because they offer more room than a Mini Duna from Pets At Home do.

However-I found that our winter white & roborovski obviously didnt like the upgrade to a Zoozone 1(70cm long)as they didnt come out at all-except to get a drink or food-they were no longer coming out on an evening to play in the cage and run on the wheel-they'd both stay buried in their nest box.I think they didnt feel secure in all that space-they like their Mini Duna so it was a waste of almost £70 for two Zoozone 1's.Good job i didnt get a couple of Zoozone 2's(100 cm long)Not only are 100 cm long cages way too big as i've got very limited room in my high rise flat-with no big enough tables or cupboards to put them on but they are also way too expensive for me to afford as i'm undergoing a Debt Relief Order for my debts-and am unable to work anymore due to my health-so am living on Income Support & Lowest rate Disability Living Allowance And i have No savings at all-its a real struggle to keep me and my young son on my benefits as it is without buying hamster cages-as i am divorced and living in a council tenancy-have always loved hamsters but maybe i'm too old in my fifties to keep hammies as people seem to class them as childrens pets and wonder why a grown woman keeps hamsters as pets at my age & with my having not much money-just hope they never need a vet.Thankfully they're both very healthy at the moment.
I couldnt afford those two Zoozone 1's-i couldnt afford hardly any food that fortnight or to put anything on all my weekly instalments for the household bills-so i'm going to sell both the zoozones-they're lovely cages but they had to go on my bedroom floor as no room for them anywhere in our living room-only the Mini Dunas as our tables and cupboards are all small-just big enough for the mini dunas.

Its just that after reading on the internet that you should provide XL cages for both dwarfs and syrians that it made me feel bad about housing them both in Mini Dunas-so even though i'm not in a position to afford expensive XL cages and dont have the room for them i bought a couple of Zoozone 1's from zooplus website and am regreting it now as couldnt afford to buy much food for us after doing that-& the hamsters didnt like all that space in zoozone 1's but now they're both back in their Mini Dunas they both come out more again to play in their cages-they no longer just stay in their nests at night-they obviously felt insecure in such a big cage.The Mini Dunas were a struggle to afford as it was-at £25 each from P@h A few months back when we obtained our dwarf hamsters.

Do any of you keep a single dwarf hamster in a Mini Duna & then perhaps tried upgrading to something bigger-only to find the hamsters remained hidden in their nests all the time so you to ended up putting them back into a smaller cage that they'd been used to?