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How to get him out of this undetermined funk?

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Posted 01 March 2012 - 10:16 AM

Every since the 2nd of January I've noticed a change in my boyfriend and his attitude towards me; you see on the 2nd of January I self-published through Amazon Kindle my first two ebooks. At the time he was so proud and happy for me that was until he found out how much money I was making off my ebooks. He was curious about how many copies sold at the time and how much I made (dumb mistake on my part for telling him how much I made at the time); well after I told him he went into a deep depression. You see, currently right now he is unemployeed, and he is upset that everyone around him has a job or is taking other routes on making money; right now I am trying everything in my power to get him out of this funk that he is in because what he is doing is not healthy at all (he's mentally beating himself up because of being unemployeed for 3 years and going to college). I'm trying everything in my power to help him but it is starting to drain me because whatever I say nothing get through especially when he says "I've got to do something or else I am going to lose you and everyone around me"; that statement has been getting really annoying and I keep on trying to tell him this "true friends stick by you no matter what; if everyone leaves you behind because of not being employeed that shows you that they weren't great friends to begin with." but that goes in ear and out the other. What makes things worse as well is that I asked him to watch my hamster in July because I'm going out of town for a week with my grandparents, I don't trust my dad to watch her, and the only way he'll watch her is if I pay him $60 dollars for the whole week while I am gone; I was going to pay him in between $20 to $30 dollars to watch her but something tells me to go find someone else. Ugh I have enough problems as is with family I don't need anymore issues with a guy who can't seem to deal with life. :pullinghair: What should I do here? I mean dumping him isn't the answer, not right now (I will if this nonsense keeps up in the coming months and he doesn't find some confidence). Life is hard yes, especially in this economy, but things aren't that hard.