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I Just Need to Vent

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Posted 21 February 2012 - 12:19 PM

So...I think this has officially been the worst week of my life so far! I don't even remember where it all began, because every day has sort of blended in with the next; this week has been one endless day. 2 weeks ago I found out that my granddad had cancer. He went straight into the hospital. Turns out it was stage 4 lung cancer and it had spread to his legs. He died yesterday while I was at church, but I only found out 3 hours later from someone I didn't even know. I know they had the best intentions, but they said to me, "Sorry for the loss of your grandfather." I hadn't even known he was dead. I cried and cried. People have been so nice about it, and have been bringing food and thoughtfulness to our door. That has been sort of the undertone for my entire week. When I got back from church, I found out that my favorite pet chicken had also died, from some unknown cause. :crybuckets:
As if that's not enough, my favorite pet cat was brutally murdered a few days ago by either a dog or a coyote. I found her disemboweled body beneath my mailbox, her intestines strewn out for yards.
On top of that, on Valentine's Day I didn't even get to see my boyfriend...I had school. While I was parking before class, I got in a crash and now I have to pay $500 for the damage (I don't even have a job to pay for it :hissyfit: ). At least the cop was nice and didn't give me a citation.
It has been a hard week. Just dealing with 3 deaths of loved ones, the crash, oh, and school! There's this class I was sure to fail, and I couldn't do that if I wanted to keep my scholarship. So fortunately I was able to speak with an academic adviser, but now I have to decide which class to take: Human Developmental Psychology (at night! :yell: ) or Spanish (which I don't know whether or not it will fit into my schedule). Tomorrow is my last day to drop my history class, and to find a new one. I am left with very few options, since it is so far into the semester. What I REALLY want to do is take an art class, but of course none of those are open. I am crossing my fingers and praying that if I talk to the head of the art department, they will recognize my talent and let me join a class (although I haven't taken an art class in nearly 5 years).
Goodness, I'm stressed! I know that this time won't last for too long (hopefully), but I am still feeling hurt and sad about everything going on.

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Posted 22 February 2012 - 02:55 AM

Oh... I feel your pain. :hug:
I am sorry for the loss of your grandfather. :rip: It really wasn't fair that total strangers new before
you did, because really you should have been first to know :( :yell:
I wonder what you poor baby chicken died of :huh: :'( and its sad that they both happened so close together :shocked:
R.I.P little chicken :rip:
:worried: As for your cat... :sad: I'm really sorry that those stupid wild aninmals :bear: got to her, and all in one week... that is so sad :hissyfit:
At least the policeman :cop: was nice :yes: to you when you crashed :fight:
Its happened to all of us when we didn't get to see our boy/girl friends :couple: on that special day :rose:
But as long as you remembered and he remembered, no hard feelings :thumbsup:
I again am deeply sorry for your loses :rip: and may you live each day through to the end :sad:

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