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Rants and troubles and cookie binges, oh my!

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Posted 09 February 2012 - 08:01 AM

So i don't usually come to this place. It seems kind of like a black hole of pent up aggression, but I'll make an exception.

So the day started out all fine and dandy. I bought a couple boxes of girl scout cookies and I got out of selling candy grams at lunch. Whoopie.

But then when I got home my dad decided to be crankier than usual. He came into my bedroom and started using my stuff without asking me and calling me selfish because I asked him to stop touching my things. Then my mom decides to come in and join in on the fun. Out of nowhere, she brings up a gift card I received for an achievement at school. The following conversation went like this:

Mother: Accio, why don't you give that gift card to your sister? You don't use it anyway.
(In my defense, I had gone out to the place the gift card was valid at earlier this week and spent some of it.)

Me: No, I want to keep it.

Mother: Jeez! Why are you being so cheap? Your sister would share hers with you.

Me: Look, I'm sorry for wanting to keep something that I earned.

Mother: You're supposed to share it, though.

Me: Who said that? Besides, do I have to share everything that I receive?

Dad: Do I have to share everything I own? Give me your skates, I don't have to share my income, after all. (I paid for half of those skates with my own money. The other half was paid for with gift money promised to me by my parents.) Oh, and give me your phone. I don't want to share my phone plan. And no more rides to the rink or school. I don't want to share my gas.

My father proceeds to pick up my skates and throw them into his bedroom.

Me: Dad!

Mother: Well! You should share with your sister!

Me: Well why should I be punished for wanting to keep something that I earned?!

Mother: You're not being punished! (Um, did you see what Dad just did and said?) You're simply being told to share with your sister and I don't want you whining about it.

Proceed with a guilt trip about how my sister loves me and how she would give me hers if she had one and how I should appreciate that and do more to thank her.


So now I'm forbidden from closing my door, using my skates, and my dad is threatening to cancel my enrollment in an exclusive math and science camp that my teachers have nominated me to attend. And my Girl Scout cookie supply is seriously depleted after that argument.