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My hamster story

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Posted 30 January 2012 - 08:27 PM

Okay so one day I was really bored so I wrote this, please comment!


This story begins when a hamster, a very friendly and intelligent hamster, is born. He was at a pet store. His mother and father were Syrians, so he was too. Along with his many siblings he had a normal babyhood, drinking milk and sleeping.
At this same time though, a human child’s eighth birthday was on its way, from the future to the present. Her parents (who were quite rich) were planning it eight weeks in advance as this is what happens to spoilt only children. They were thinking about the party, the bouncy castle to be precise. And while they were doing this they were forgetting about presents.

Chapter 1: The small beginning

One day when I was nearly eight weeks old a human hand reached reached in to my glass tank when I was sleeping and tried to pick me up I was really scared so I bit him. He shouted really loudly and dropped me. Once he stopped bleeding he tried to do it again but this time I knew what he was doing and I was awake, so I didn’t bite this time. He threw me into a small dark box with no food bedding or anything. I was really stressed, and I needed some water. I fell asleep again and before I knew it everything stopped moving. Then I felt like I was rising and then I started bouncing up and down again then I was dropped. The box opened up and I slowly walked out, I was in this tiny cage with nothing to play with. I hear a scream but it sounded like a happy one, next thing I knew another hand grabbed me out of nowhere and it smelled really strange. I was more scared than I had ever been so I bit the finger that was around my neck.
I can’t wait until I get home from school to open all my birthday presents! Is what Sally was thinking as she got onto her school bus which was dropping her home to her house. She had no idea what her parents had gotten her but she had a pretty good idea what was in the 28 other wrapped parcels. She arrived home to a room full of all her friends and family. They had an unhealthy but delicious meal of cocktail sausages along with a full table of other party foods followed by dessert. The table was barely visible under the mountain of sweets and chocolate but in the very centre was a three tier chocolate cake which only a small fraction of was eaten. Sally only cried once when her chiwawa ate a piece of her cake. When everyone had left, her parents finally came out with a second gift. It was the hamster in its cage, she screamed with delight. She rushed over to it and grabbed it and held him too tight. Then he bit her. It made cry and screamed and dropped it, it would have ran away if he hadn’t been quickly grabbed and thrown back into its cage. Sally continued screaming.

Chapter 2: Peace and quiet but a few other problems

The good thing was that I got some peace so that I was able to settle into my home, but it didn’t take long because it was so small. The only things inside were a small plastic house, a wheel that was far too small for me, a water bottle and food dish. This was the biggest problem though, the food dish, it was only full every three days or so and when it was it was probably the cheapest stuff they could find. I didn’t really see anybody for about three weeks they just gave me food when I was asleep and they barely ever changed my water.
´´It bit me mommy it bit me!!´´ cried Sally ´´It´s fine darling it´s fine´´ reassured her mother but secretly she was scared of all rodents and especially this one as bit. Sally´s father was left to take care of the hamster but´ take care of ´ was not really what he did. Sally´s father owned a very successful business; it was one that chopped down trees to make toothpicks. It doesn’t sound like he has to do much but somehow he is always on the phone about his work. Her mother didn´t really do much other than sit by her pool sunbathing so this meant that sally was most of the time supervised by her nanny. Luckily, one day Sally´s father came home and said that his business was expanding and that they were moving to Brazil. What he didn´t mention though was the fact he was moving there to cut down the Amazonian rain-forest.

Chapter 3: Unappreciated gift

´´But what will happen to Charlie? ´´ (the chiwawa) demanded Sally. ´´Oh, he can come with us sweetie ´´ but this question triggered something else in her parents mind, what about the hamster? So soon enough they had everything packed for South America but the hamster still remained, Sally hadn´t even noticed. The day before they left Sally´s parents dropped the hamster at an animal shelter. There were no tears shed.
I my cage was picked and then I was carried to the boot of a car and then thrown in. I was thrown all about in my cage as the driver made no attempt to make it a smooth journey. Then I was taken out and left at the door of a building with lots of barking and other noises that most animals make.

Chapter 4: Lots of noise and a very bad smell but happiness

A little while after I was left there I was once again picked up and brought inside the noise got a lot louder and there was a very strong smell of, well, animals. As I was being t carried down the aisle I saw there were a lot more than just dogs, there were cats, birds, guinea-pigs, birds and even reptiles. I was really gently picked up by a pair of gloves and then placed into a large glass tank just like the one I was born in. I really liked this as it meant that I couldn´t smell everything else but especially the size the size it was more than double the size of my previous one and it had a proper sized wheel that I could actually run in and tubes and toys and the bedding was so deep I could actually burrow for the first time ever and the food was amazing, it even had meal-worms in it!

Chapter 5: Up for adoption

I was having a really great time at this place and about three days after I got there a boy who’s hands smelled of grapes came and took me out of my cage and he played with me for a bit and I had a the most fun with a human I ever had but then he put me back into my cage. Then a person who I think was his father came over, said something and then left, the boy looked really sad and then a few tears rolled from his eyes to his cheeks leaving a wet trail. It made me feel really sad for some reason and then he left. I continued rolling in my sand bath for a while but I kept thinking of him until I fell asleep.

Chapter 6: Grapes

A week after my last visit another person came but this was the person who gave me food so that is what I was expecting but she put into another of those which made me really scared but then in a few minutes the box opened again and someone dropped a piece of cucumber in which was really nice and then closed the lid. I ate the cucumber and then the journey was so smooth I fell asleep. When I woke up the box was open and lying horizontal so I crawled out and explored my cage it even bigger and better than my last one! Two days later a hand came into my cage so I went to investigate. It smells familiar. Then I remembered, it was grapes! Once I knew who it was I ran onto his hand and started liking his fingers he started giggling. I played with him for nearly an hour and that is how we spent every other day of my life.

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Posted 30 January 2012 - 08:59 PM

WOW! That is really good! Are you going to write a sequel? Becasuse, if you did it would be awesome!

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Posted 31 January 2012 - 01:31 AM

Thanks, maybe I will, he might have mini hams!

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Posted 31 January 2012 - 01:43 AM

Cool! That would be so cute!

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Posted 31 January 2012 - 02:32 AM

He he he!! Love it so much...

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Posted 12 February 2012 - 01:01 AM

This is a really good story about how the hamster deals with the life he's been put throguh then gets what he wants in the end. Please write a sequel!

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