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My friends think its fine to keep hamsters in TINY cages.... ugggg.

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Chocolate Hamsters

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Posted 21 January 2012 - 02:48 AM

Okay... so I'm really really mad right now kay, so excuse the behavior...
But my friends, both have hamsters right
Friend !: has 1 hamster for her Little brother (aged 7) and 2 gerbils...
gerbils need 200 SQ floor space, so she THINKS that she should keep her hamster in a tiny
cage, since its 'not as active as gerbils... ugggg! the reason its not as active,
is BECAUSE its in a tiny cage. She also claims that all it does is go on the wheel, so why should
it need a bigger cage... the cage has 100 inches floor space, but I must say she KNOWS thats too
small, I told her a billion times on the phone to day... YOUR CAGE IS TOO SMALL, ITS NOT HUMANE
GET A BIIGGER ONE!... But her reply was,
ohh.... the hamster has a wheel, thats an extention to the cage, it'll be fine... it likes its cage anyways.

Now friend 2 isn't so bad, just plain ignorance... but still...
(I am not currently in contact with 'friend' 2, she has not answered my calls, texts, emails, messages etc. since
august... :P

Friend 2: She owns 2 robos and one syrian. Friend 1 knows Friend 2... so when I tell friend 1 that her cage
is too small she says ' Ambers (friend 2) syrian's cage is half that size.
Meaning friend 2's syrian lives in a cage with a floor space of 50 SQ, and the cage is about 20 cm high... :(

Friend 2 has 2 robo's also, so she see's them fight, so she seperates them, then 1 week later puts them back together, they fight she seperates etc.
And the reason they fought in the first place, was because the had about 140 SQ floor space:(
This is inhumane, but they refuse to listen I constanly hear 'they're fine.'
And friend 2 excuse was that the robo's were having a bit of a 'bicker, they'd be fine in a few days... :('

I don't know what to do anymore guys, I've tried, and I've failed...

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Posted 21 January 2012 - 03:28 AM

oou. had somewhat of the same experience before. Right after the meetup with Holly,
I was waiting for my ride to pick me up, when this couple was buying hamster supplies
for their daughter for christmas as they were going to get her a hamster. They chose
the Crittertrail One. I saw and was right on to it, ended up convincing them to upgrade
to a twenty gallon tank. ^^

but that's seriously way too small. Let them know this : Gerbils and Hamsters are both
animals that are highly active. If a gerbil needs a large space, then so does a hamster.
They are almost the same in behavior qualities and even VERY similar in cage requirements.
Tell your second friend this.

Ninja has SEEN with her own eyes, two hamsters fight it out
suddenly one day, it ended up with one of them being killed. That was Pringles and Oreo.
They're sisters yet one day, they just fought to the death. I seperated them as soon as
possible. Pringles ended up passing due to severe injuries. to seperate hamsters, they
will never get along ever again. If she keeps putting them together, they're going to
get worse and one is going to be severely injured. It's honestly heartbreaking.

A syrian can not live in those conditions. If a dwarf can't, there is no way that a
syrian can. Hamsers don't show sadness or anger at small areas. It's up to a GOOD
owner to help get them a bigger living space. Show them pictures of backyard breeder
conditions, rodent farms, rat farms. The conditions there, if that doesn't make them
upset, then they really shouldn't be caring for a live creature. A good owner would
be disgusted by those conditions. It's the same with puppy mills. It's agrivating.

If needed, show them the cages that we have for our hamsters. The thread
'Proud of your Hamster Cage' is perfect for this. see the small crittertrail cages ay
first, they're bound to not care. Change the page to a more recent one, and let them
see how the cages have improved. That's because many of us are taking a hamster's needs
and space requirements into thoughts. I've spent and wasted money on bin cages to have
my dwarfs dislike them. but I know that if they did like that, I'd get them HUUUGE bins.