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Someone tryed the Ava Tower from Ware?

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#1 Annette


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Posted 21 June 2011 - 06:01 AM

I have seen a new kind of cage, and it looks exciting, I think.
The Critter Universe Ava Tower.
It would be nice to hear from someone, who has tryed it. Do you use it as a cage, or as a playground?

Ava Tower

How about the other cages from Ware? Are they strong, or do they break?
I think, they looks nice, but do they keep the hamster inside, or can they chew their way out? How does the tubes work? And the bottle?
I would like some reviews, before buying it.

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#2 Azayles


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Posted 21 June 2011 - 06:17 AM

I wouldn't suggest the tower cage, it only has about 150 square inches of floor space, and the recommended minimum is 360. Hamsters need floor space over height, so ever though it's three floors, it would still be too small. :(
It could be fun to have though if you make a bin cage and attach the tower to it. Then you'll have the fun of the tower, with the floor space of the bin :-)

#3 Jaybee


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Posted 21 June 2011 - 07:03 AM

that cage looks like a great add-on, but it looks like an even worse version of this one:
Posted Image

#4 TeddieBaby


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Posted 21 June 2011 - 09:37 AM

That would be a fun add on, but you need a primary sapce of at least 360 square inches of space. (area=lengthxwidth)

There are many guides to bin cages all over this forum. There is at leat one pinned on this board.

There are also aquariums, that you need at least a 20 gallon long.

#5 DebbyinLV


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Posted 23 June 2011 - 06:34 AM

Hi Annette, I did puchase this tower two weeks ago and while I wouldn't use it as a primary residence it makes a great add-on to a bin or cage system. Petsmart now stocks and sells it and I was in a store and happened to see it in the back, before they even stocked it on the shelves and was intrigued by the way it looked and thought it would be a fun and entertaining add-on. So I talked them into them into selling me one right then. It is $50.00, so it is not an inexpensive cage, but at that point i didn't care because I liked the way it looked and I just plain wanted to have it. When I took it home and put it together I noticed it is alot better quality then the crittertrail cages. It has plenty of wire bar area so it is well ventilated including the top which has also can be opened to access the top levels of the cage. The front has a huge wire door that acesses the bottom and middle levels of the cage. The water bottle and food dish are fine but on a small scale ( the water bottle holds probably about 4 oz.) and the wheel is about 5 and a half inches, so suitable for a dwarf. Like it's predessor it has big cubes in the back which can be arranged however you want for the hamsters to climb to the different levels. The cubes themslves and the holes in the cubes are pretty big and more suited to syrian hamsters it seems. Even though I bought this for my dwarf hamster in mind I was curious and decided to let my syrian try it out after I put it together. She really liked climbing thru the different cubes and going up and down the different levels so I might keep it in mind for the future when I feel like doleing out $50.00 again. Then I cleaned and sterilized to get it ready for my dwarf. She has a 105 litter bin from Walmart but even with all that room, a silent spinner, an igloo and hideouts, toliet paper rolls, chew toys, the superpet spinner, water bottle, food dish and treats she hardly came out of hiding or rode on the wheels and I would never see her. She is shy and scared where my syrian is just the oposite. I have a running ball for her that we tried a few times but she never took to it and doesn't seem to like running in a ball unlike my syrian who can't wait to get in her ball every day. I had to the idea of hooking this up to my dwarf's bin and seeing how she would like it. I did a few revisions to it before that. I hooked up crittertrail tubes to the big openings in the cubes so a dwarf could easily get up to the different levels. I attached the tubes to puzzle playground adapters and inserted them into the openings because I think they are too big for dwarfs but I could be wrong. I gave her food, treats and a filled water bottle in this cage too just to see how she would react to this cage. Now she is up and out and about on the the different levels interacting alot more then she used to be in the bin where she would hide all the time. She even begs for treats thru the bars and hardly goes into the bin cage anymore. I going to attach another cage to the other side and see how she takes to that because I'm thinking she might like a attached cage system more where she can go into different areas and levels, run thru tubes and what not. Since I allready have an extra cage and tons of tubes and accessories I collected thru the years of having hamsters I won't have to spend anymore money at the moment unless I have to buy another cage or two. If she likes the cage
system better than I could attach her 105 litter bin to my syrian's 110 litter bin and give my syrian a really huge cage also. We'll just have to see how everything plays out.

Sorry to blabber on so much, but i wanted to give you my take on the cage. While
it works for me, it might not work for someone else. I won't in anyway recommend it as an only cage but as add-on attached to another cage or two or a bin I really like it.

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#6 Annette


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Posted 27 June 2011 - 03:29 AM

Thank you very much, DebbyinLV. You have been very helpful, and given me a good description of the cage.
I´m glad to hear, that the cage works for you, and your hamsters are happy.

I want to use the cage as a playground, connected with his normal cage.

Are there anybody else out there, who has tried it?

Have a nice weekend

#7 Kiranirise


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Posted 18 June 2012 - 04:11 PM

Don't listen to Azayles as he doesn't know what he's talking about.

The Avatower by Critter Universe that sells for approximately $50 has:
  • 5 cubes with 3 holes and a solid side that are very easy to assemble and rearrange til you get the right configuration that makes your hamster happy.
  • 2 shelves that run the width of the cage & is half as deep to provide floor space for your tiny furry friends in front of the cubes on the middle & upper levels
  • a safe exercise wheel that attaches to the back wall of the Avatower
  • a drip resistant water bottle
  • a no-tip food bowl
  • 2 elevators which are really just a fancy word for stairs that has an opening in the middle of it
  • a base that has a pull out tray for cleaning (don't leave your furry friend in the cage while cleaning as the bottom is not solid and your friend could get loose)
  • over 400 square inches of floor space for your furry friend(s) to play and romp in.
  • compatible with CritterTrail and other habitat tubes with connectors (it's a bit tricky but you have to rotate the CritterTrail connector ring to lock & I don't know if Habitrail Ovo rings work with the Avatower)
  • CareFresh bedding
  • Package of high quality hamster food
  • 5 levels of living space if you set it up right as there's space above the upper level cubes below the top door, and in the very bottom of the cage
  • Use tubes to assist dwarf hamsters with going from level to level
  • 2 cage top opening ports to connect to other cages or modules for expansion using tubes.
With the food bowl on the shelf, it's easier to clean up all the seed shells. I just bought this cage 3 weeks ago for my Russian Dwarf Arthur and is the best cage especially when outfitted with CritterTrail tubes. Arthur had difficulty going from one one level to the next and would fall through to the lower level which is about 4-5" down and is a high fall for a dwarf hamster. For the inside, I used two sets of (1) 3.5" straight, a tee, an elbow and a u-turn tubes so that he can go from floor to floor easily. Just make sure that the cube that they're going down to has a solid floor. It might take a little bit of working out the cube and tube combinations to get it just right. Since I put the tubes in, Arthur goes up to the upper levels all the time. I put his regular food in the Avatower food bowl on the middle level which is where the water bottle is. I ended up buying a water bottle by Super Pet that has the little duck float inside as Arthur wasn't getting any water at all from the one that came with the cage. I have it fastened to the outside with the tip going inside on the middle level where the cube opening is near the back. That's the only problem that I've had. You can also connect to other cages or other Crittertrail Expansion sets using tubes. I hooked up a bunch of tubes so that it goes down from one side to the back, across the back to the other side then back up to the other port. If you look online you might be able to find the tubes for less money than Petsmart sells them. I shop at Pet Supplies Plus and found most of the tube sets and individual pieces for nearly half of what Petsmart wanted. With the use of the tubes, it eliminated the need for the elevators. Once you have it set up, you'll find that your furry friend will go nuts when you take out the tubes to clean them or rearrange them. I know that Arthur did. LOL Good luck!

Here's a list of the available CritterTrail parts that will work with some configuration tweeking:Some of the links wouldn't copy over, but you can go here: http://www.superpetusa.com/product-list/index.php?animal=2364&species=2378&category=&brand=2406
There's also a CritterTrail Food Dispenser Accessory that I found at Petsmart for my CritterTrail Portable Petite Habitat. It keeps the food clean and off the cage floor.

#8 nef


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Posted 18 June 2012 - 05:59 PM

Don't listen to Azayles as he doesn't know what he's talking about.

Azayles knows exactly what he's talking about.
Who cares if the cage comes with a nice water bottle, food bowl, bedding and whatnot when its just totally innapropriate for hamsters.
400 sq inches? 13,75 x 11.25 = 154, a bunch of small levels are useless for hamsters they need floor space to run and high bedding to dig.
Theres so much things wrong with that cage

#9 KittyHamster


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Posted 18 June 2012 - 09:19 PM

*snort* Really Kiranirise? Azayles knows pretty dam much on proper hamster care and to be honest you sound like a seller not a real owner. I would not reccomend it due to it's tiny size and the fact there are squares that reduce running space even more plus it's 50 dollars for something that is tiny.

As an add on I see no problem as long as the main cage is minimum 360 square inches. The 360 should be in one level.

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#10 Luci


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Posted 18 June 2012 - 09:43 PM

Don't listen to Azayles as he doesn't know what he's talking about.

In addition to what everyone else has said, this topic is over a year old...

#11 dusty


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Posted 18 June 2012 - 10:14 PM

Please do not be rude to other members and yes, this topic is over a year old.