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How many and when?

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#1 HaruChan


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Posted 04 January 2011 - 11:39 AM

Hey everyone I was just wondering if you could answer these questions:
1. How many anime series do you usually watch at the same time?
2. Do you watch all your anime series each day or do you do a pattern and do certain series on certain days and the other series on the rest of the days?

If you guys don't get what I mean above here is a layout:

1. I don't have a usual number of series but right now I am watching (insert # of series) series.
2. I watch all of my series each day.
2. I watch (insert series) on (insert # days) days of the week and (insert series)
on (insert # days) days of the week.

So you can just copy and paste either one of the answer "fill in the blank" thingies and fill in the blanks. Okay I know this whole post must be confusing but I can't find the right words to explain and I really need to know how many series and when you watch them.


1. I don't have a usual number of series but right now I am watching 2 series Naruto and One Piece.
2. I watch Naruto on 4 days out of a week (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) an One Piece on 3 days out of a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). (Note how both series are viewed on separate days)

Note: I don't actually watch Naruto or One Piece and I don't watch on specific days either it's just my example.

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#2 Rachel_Morgan


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Posted 05 January 2011 - 05:26 PM

Well, I'm a huge anime nerd, so I'm usually watching something each day.

If I find a really good, completed series or near completed series, I'll marathon it. Meaning, most of my spare time I'm watching it - equally, all night. I will watch that series for 12 hours straight easily, and for a 24 episode series, that's about how long it is back to back. extra hour for 26 episode series.

But as for ones that I've either caught up (and are still airing) or I've watched since they began to air - I tend to watch them as soon as the HQ/HD downloads are up and I've finished grabbing the episode. I just finished with Kuragehime (Jellyfish Princess) which I loved, and it aired every thursday I believe. Now that season 2 of Kimi ni Todoke has begun, I'll be watching it every tuesday or so. I'm currently catching up Fairy Tail, so I've been mostly marathoning it. Been a decent series so far to blow time, though not anywhere close to my top ten yet.

So, more or less I watch my anime "as they're available" and go from there. Favourites tend to be watched first, and the ones at the bottom of the lsit get watched last.

Now that Kuragehime is finished airing, my new (and old ones continuing on) series I watch as they're airing are:

1. Bakuman (I love this show. The humor and the characters are well done, and it feels like watching some guys I've met at times)
2. Kimi ni Todoke

ones I MIGHT follow in the new season:

1. Fractale (heard a lot of good stuff on it, but still up in the air about it)
3. Starry Sky (I've got the first episode downloaded, but after watching the first 30 seconds, found I wasn't in the mood for it then. I may return to it after finishing what's aired of Fairy Tail though)
2. Infinite stratos (mehhh)

Andthen an Air Gear OVA, come March sometime, has my eye.

So currently, I've been digging up old ones I've missed in the past and watching them.

I never got into the shounen 3 (I find them too draggy and prefer watching a show or reading a manga that works to a definite end, and will reach it within a reasonable period of time. I have noticed Kishi is slowly bring Naruto to a close, but...yeah. ) but I'm finding Fairy Tail is one I can slouch off and watch without getting annoyed. And the humor has me laughing at times. Gray and his constant nekkidness, and Erza are favourites. And I adored FMA: Brotherhood. But they seem to be my exceptions, and I found the usual shounen formula done in a less blatant/more tolerable form. OR I suppose I just adored the originality, I dunno.

But I've gone off topic!

Either way, if you run out of finished series to watch in between your airing shows episode releases, I can always provide some. I've watched over two hundred for sure now, since my oldest friend got me hooked when we were in grade school. =)

-Rachel & The Zoo.

EDIT: Oh <lousy>! How could I forget my currently airing Guilty Pleasure?

1. STAR DRIVER - I giggle during his transformation scene without fail. It's like Sailor Moon, but updated and with a red-headed guy and Mecha. And when he does the magical girl transformation scene...well, many of the arm/leg movements look like what Sailor Moon would use. It's my happy go lucky, well animated series. xD

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