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Towards the Terra (Terra E.. )

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Posted 21 June 2010 - 06:42 PM

Well, I just finished watching this series a few days back. I own the discs as well. Made a gamble that having watched 17/24 episodes, I'd love the rest.

It paid off, haha.

Its a sci-fi anime, but without the standard mechas. Its the remake based off a 1980's movie version of the 1970's manga. So its a classic.

Basically, humans have ruined the earth, so people were forced to desert it and hope that the Superior Domination system (S.D. system for short) could purify it, while guiding humanity to avoid making the same mistakes again.
However, there's been an unforeseen side effect of the system. People with special telekinetic/telepathic abilities, coined "Mu", keep being born, and refuse to conform to the system bent on destroying them.
Like the rest of the human race, they long to return to Terra. Hence, the title To Terra, or Towards the Terra.

Best way I can describe it, in short, without revealing spoilers. I don't recommend watching AMVs on youtube, as most have HUGE spoilers in them.

This series is the first one I've seen, personally, with such a sympathetic villain. I never truly considered him bad the whole series, but severely misguided/confused. He kills SO MANY PEOPLE, but...I still have a soft spot for him, while cursing him for being an idiot and doing it.

first four episodes revolve around Jomy meeting Blue and acknowledging the fact he's a Mu. I never cared for Jomy's character during these eps. If his whinyness wears a lot on you during it, just wait till later on. After Ep 4, you switch to Keith's Arc, and then after that, its back to Jomy...what? 10 years later? So he would be 24 by that point, and has matured quite a bit.

I really want to make spoof vids and AMVs with the dvds I have, when I have my new laptop...getting inspired by some I've seen on the net. So many opportunities for spoofs! =D (This, considering tis quite a serious anime...probably why there's so many possibilities!)

Here's a link to the first opening though: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CU5w861Lozw

(First question which comes to many peoples' minds when watching: The guys aren't gay. I blame it on being based off an older manga that it "slips up". I consider Jomy and Blue's relationship more as father/son than anything) (Jomy = blonde, green eyes, Blue = white hair red eyes, for clarification)

And...some pictures, of course.

(I'm a huge soldier Blue fan. Favourite character. Jomy is a close second though, after he grows up through the time skip)

Posted Image Standard series image.

Soldier Blue fangirling images:

Posted Image

There's also a funny "Blue's Clues" one, I found on the net...heh. But I don't want to overload this post with pictures (which I otherwise would!)

Posted Image

Other Nice images:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Has anyone else watched? I doubt it, as it was an underrated 2007 series. But if you do, please post in here! Would be nice to have someone else to fangirl with, haha. :goodvibes:

-Rachel & The Zoo.