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Hamster keeps putting food in his wheel

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Posted 08 June 2009 - 07:40 AM

Hello everybody,

Slight problem here - my hamster keeps putting his food inside his wheel. I know that this is actually quite common and they store the food where they enjoy to be, however it's making a terrible noise at nighttime. I'm not quite sure what action to take. If I remove the food, he puts it back in again after ten minutes or so. I can't not give him any food. He's been doing this for weeks now, despite me trying my best to move his food and place it into a bowl (which he happily ate from and stored food in before he started this), tubes, little containers, other sections of his house, etc. He simply won't adapt to it.

I of course also can't remove his wheel, otherwise he has pretty much nothing to do during his wakeful period. I can't add another wheel, as the cage won't allow it.

So, anyone have any suggestions at hand? It's quite frustrating, because I do like him, however I can't put up with the struggle of getting to sleep at night (can't move him to another section of the flat, as it is...a flat) due to the noise and I simply can't stay up all night to keep removing his food.

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Posted 08 June 2009 - 07:28 PM

Maybe you could let him have the wheel all day and evening and just before bed take it out and replace it with something like a cardboard box with holes in it to play in. With any luck he will establish a new storage place for his food and then once that is fully engrained you will be able to try leaving the wheel in at night. Not every hamster has a permanent wheel and as long as he has other toys and chewies like dog biscuits he will be fine. Make sure you put it back for the parts of the day when you are not sleeping though. Don't worry about him not having it for a bit as he will be fine.