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Skateboarding advice

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Posted 31 August 2008 - 10:54 AM

I know I have a topic on skating already, but whatever. I'ts old and I don't want to double post. :rolleyes:
I am sort of looking for a few tips anyways.
Not to generalize in the duscussion.

I've been skating for about a year now.
It took me almost all summer to ollie. It sucked.
I'm working on dropping in now, and I am going to tackle it tomorrow and if I come home with broken teeth, atleast I can say I did it.
Injuries don't mean alot to me, but I did some research on some things, and came up with my excuse that females don't have a lot of testostrone, therefor we can chicken out a little easier.
It's coming natural to me now, my legs are permanently scared.
It's a really tough sport to master, and it's pretty dangerous.
But being female hasn't stopped my love for it.
It's just that I hang out with a few guys who skateboard, and are better than me, and like to rub things in my face because I can't pull off these sick tricks like they can.
And honestly? They're not much better than me, despite how much they like to think so.

I've been practicing alone--on my driveway, and going to the skatepark really early in the morning.
It's gotten me far, because for learning it's embarassing to be in a crowd where you're the only one who can't do what everyone else can.

I have also been trying to actually land a kickflip. I know how to do it, but I'm having trouble landing it.
Winter is vast approaching, and I'll have to pack up for a long 4-5 month season of no boarding.
I hate it here...

BUT. I just got a new board a few weeks ago, and I took pictures of it, but if you havn't heard yet, my computer is retarded, and the USB connection is screwed.
I took pics of me skating, and pics of my new board, but havn't been able to upload them... -_____-
My dad said he'll try and get some nerd in to look at it, so hopefully soon it will get fixed.

This is an exact replica of it:
I love it.
Absolutly love it. And I almost wet myself when I found out they actually DO sell Dollin boards here.
I also bought Independant trucks, which are also really nice.
I snapped my old ones IN HALF, right after buying my new deck.

Haha yeah.
So basically, I'm just looking for people who also skateboard, and can give me some momentum to do more tricks, and get the thought of killing myslelf out of my head. ;D

I'm also willing to shell out some decent advice. About boards, and brands, and whatever else.
It's the tricks I need to recieve the advice from, since my conrads have failed to reveal their 'secrets', other than ball-busting non-stop practice... :rolleyes:

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