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...Back from camping...

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Posted 07 August 2008 - 05:52 AM

Aww. I'm back. TWO DAYS EARLY. :crybuckets: We were actually going to stay until Wednesday, but the person we were borrowing the tent from had to leave for this Shanghai meeting or something, so we had to leave the day after we set up the tent.

On the first day, well, it was a 4 hour drive from San Jose to our campsite, which was close to Mt. Lassen. (You know, the one which exploded with a bunch of ash and killed this guy that was hiking or something? If I remember it was Mt. Lassen...but for a moment there I thought it was Mt. Shasta XD) We actually passed time by singing the eBay song :laughing: Since we had a whole bunch of walkie-talkies, we switched to channel two and basically everyone was vocally-spamming each other. :P

When we got to the campsite, it was pretty boring and bare. Cindy, Hillary, and I (my 2 camping buddies, tent-mates, whatever) were given the boring, boring job of cleaning out the area where our tent was to live for (not knowing then) 2 days and a night. We actually had the idea of cleaning everything out and then stomping the area flat, but when we tried that, SWARMS of ants came, well, swarming out. They weren't the tiny ones that you see coming in lines, though, they were HUGE--at least a centimeter long--anda they were all seperated. Okay, since that sounds weird, they were all INDIVIDUAL. They were scurrying around minding their own business--crawling over our shoes, crawling into our tent, and all by themselves, without the help of another ant or something.

After everyone had their tents set up, our teacher called a meeting and just sorta told us our plans for the time we were going to stay. Then he said we were going down a lava tube in 30 minutes. Everyone whooped at that. XD Then we all dived into our tents to grab a flashlight or two.
The lava tube was actually...really cool. Both ways; it was quite chilly :rolleyes: We all shined our flashlights for the first trip down, but it was really freaky anyways since there were mini stalactites forming and stuff like that. It's pretty hard to explain this, sorry XD And then we went back without flashlights, which was 2x freaky and 2x awesome XDDD

Once we were back from the lava tube, it was just basically free time, so Luke (another friend; it was his idea in the first place XD), Hillary, Cindy, and a WHOLE bunch of other people went to the creek. About half of the whole group waded into the water, myself included, and dang, it was FREEZING in there. Whitney screamed and jumped out of the water after a few minutes ("Holy shiz IT'S COLD IN THERE") and I felt like doing that too, except Hillary sorta forced me to stay in XD So everyone kept at that until downstream, where it got way more rapid. Luke, Eric, Winston, Hillary (she's made of steel, I tell you) kept inside the creek while the rest of us walked along the bank. Eventually it got too insane and all the parents coming with us insisted they come out. Hillary was the only one who climbed out :laughing: All of us headed back to the campsite, except the 3 who kept inside, since they were stuck on the other side of the creek.

After a while, Luke and Eric's mom started getting worried since they still hadn't headed back yet, so they headed to the creek again, and Cindy, Hillary, and I decided to tag along since there was nothing to do...again. We walked along and discovered a bridge, but since we hadn't met them on the way we assumed they were still coming.
Then, after a long walk, we discovered they weren't coming at all. :laughing: They found this pool, where the water was all still and VERY shallow. We all just basically sat in the water and fooled around in there. XD (I think the guys were mentally insane at that moment since they actually went neck deep into the water...and Luke went neck deep into the MUD XDDD).

OKIES I WILL EDIT THE SECOND PART LATER because I am just UBER tired...I only got 2 hours of sleep last night.

Hopefully our science teacher is going to invite us to go next year. And this time, I'm bringing my own tent. XD

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Posted 07 August 2008 - 06:08 AM

Hahaha sounds like quite the adventure! Good to know that you had fun.

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Posted 07 August 2008 - 08:32 AM


Welcome back! :D
Haha sounds like a lot of random awsome possum moments you had! :laughing:

THose are always fun!
Camping is such a wonderful experience! Minus the mosquitos, and coming back smelling like camp fire!
Glad you had fun! :D

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