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When can you know that your hamster is too fat

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#1 Roy


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Posted 08 July 2008 - 08:48 PM

Hey there everybody,

today i saw my little Emppu ( my small dwarf hamster) he is about 2 months old, and he appears to be growing fat, im not that worried because he is not THAT fat but for the past 3 weeks ive noticed a considerable change in his weight and height, i was wondering because when i got him, i got also a special mix food for gerbils and hamsters that includes corn, whaet, soybeans, grains, sunflower seeds, croquettes etc but he used to eat mostly the sunflower seeds and leave the rest so i thought that this could bring a desnutrition problem, and also i caught him bitting the cage grilles (althought he have chewing sticks and toys) and i decided to bought him, a week ago, a look-like hard stick croquettes with omega 3 and stuff to help him with his bitting issue and trying to make him eat more nutrients than just the sunflower seeds he used to eat, i dont know if the fact that he mostly ate those brought weight problems o if even they exist on hamsters he has wheel and everything, if someone could answer me this doubt and if someone please could give me a little recomendation because now i have the mix-food 3 lb bag and the hard-stick croquettes, to food him

have a nice day and please excuse my english, i havenĀ“t practice it for a while.. :S


#2 PoptartShop


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Posted 09 July 2008 - 11:40 AM

He could be just growing, as he's only 2 months old. :) If you want his diet to be healthier, you could always take out most of the sunflower seeds & corn (as they are fatty). Limiting store-bought treats & fruits (high in sugar) is also good.

#3 robohamstar


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Posted 09 July 2008 - 04:08 PM

To add on to what PS said, I find that it works well to remove all of the sunflower seeds and corn from my hamster's mix and then just use those as treats instead of any store-bought ones. If you're going to remove them anyway, you might as well put them to use! It saves money, and most hamsters love sunflower seeds, so they will love it as a daily treat. Most people limit their dwarf hamsters to 2-3 sunflower seeds a day from what I've read on here. Right now I'm giving my robo dwarf hamster one sunflower seed and one corn kernal a day.

Hope this helps!