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Endless Tunneling Fun for the hamster

In this week’s edition of “Featured Hamster Home“, we bring you Christmas Hamster’s setup for her hamster Damion. When I first saw the set up, my eyes almost popped out of my sockets – what an elaborate and fun set up of tubes and tunnels! This set up is definitely any hamster’s dream, come true. Lucky Damion.

Hamster Hideout (HH): What are the parts that make up Damion’s set up, & the estimated costs?

Christmas_hamster (CH): His set up is made up of Habitrail and SAM tubes. There are about 30 ‘curved’ tubes, 4 8″ straight tubes, 3 U-turn tubes, 1 Habitrail loft, 1 Habitrail tower, 1 Habitrail den, 1 Habitrail playground cage and 1 Habitrail space station cage. The estimated cost if getting it all new is about $200 (Canadian Dollars).

HH: How much time do you need to clean his home each time?
It takes me an 1 and 1/2 to clean his cage and tubes. Not very fun but it’s worth to see his happiness.

HH: What are your reviews about using this set up for your hamster?
The only con to this type of cage is that they are expensive, alone they are too small and with many tubes they are a pain to clean.

But there are many pluses – The habitrail/SAM tubes are sturdy and do not fall apart if you are using the Habitrail lock connectors. The tubes are wide enough for most syrians and dwarfs to fit through and come apart effortlessly for easy cleaning. The cages themselves are easy to clean as well as sturdy and strong. I have dropped the Habitrail space station, which was my first cage ever, countless times and it has never broke.


And last but not least, a very cute picture of the lucky inhabitant of the awesome setup, Damion.

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