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USB Hamster Wheel

by dusty on July 16, 2008


Here’s something that hamster lovers might wanna add to their collection:

USB Hamster

USB Hamster Wheel

Yeah, the wheel is not the most practical type (for a hamster in real life) since it has individual rungs instead of a solid surface, lol,  but hey, this is a toy, and it looks really cute right?

You connect it via USB to your PC and install the included software. Then as you type on the keyboard, the hamster runs! The faster you type, the faster the hamster goes!

Not sure why it is stated that it requires 2xAA batteries though when it also says that the hamster and the wheel are powered by USB.

They do not come cheap too, costing about £25 (that’s US$45). And the last we checked (date this post is published), this little dude on the bright red wheel was, gasp, sold out!


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Puzzle Playgrounds – we’ve all heard of them, right? They are the latest craze to acquire for your hamster or small rodent, and simply a brilliant invention, in my opinion.

Puzzle Playground Box

Puzzle playgrounds are manufactured by the company “Super Pet” and are sold in sizes of 26, 42, 50, and 60 piece sets as well as a see-saw and Ferris wheel style. The pieces come disassembled in the box and can take anywhere from 10-30 minutes to put together, depending on the design you choose to create and how skilled you are with the assembly process. The creations you can make with these are endless, and they are customizable to both dwarf and Syrian hamsters in the way of building either tall designs, to give Syrians climbing opportunities, or lower, one-level designs to allow our smaller friends easier ability to maneuver through them. There is also a vast array of shapes these pieces can form. For example – the triangle and square pieces, when assembled together in different numbers, can form a cube, wedge, 4-sided roof, 5-sided dome, or a 6-sided room. The tube connectors that are included in the 60-piece box can give you even more interesting and unlimited possibilities.

Of course, like most products on the market, Puzzle Playgrounds do have a few disadvantages (for the human, not the hamster ;) ). Many people can become frustrated with the tedious assembly process and find themselves wanting to slam their half-built creation into the nearest wall. The trick with connecting these pieces successfully is much patience and perseverance (some calming tea might help as well). It is necessary to build these on a solid, flat surface as it helps keep the pieces from snapping out of place – ultimately resulting in the destruction of your creation. Always snap the tubes into the connector pieces before attempting to attach to your completed design or it will ruin your hard work and cause it to fall apart. It is also helpful, and makes for easier access when building larger designs, to leave a few openings here and there that you can stick your hand in to attach the pieces together.

One final thought? Approach the assembly process as a “labor of love” to show your hams how much you love them, and think of all the hours of fun they will have exploring the labyrinth of tunnels and mazes you have created.

If you feel this is the type of toy your little furry will go bananas…err…sunflower seeds over, then do not hesitate to pick one (or many) sets up today at your local pet supply shop or online. HAVE FUN!!


And now, for your viewing pleasure, some design examples ranging from small to large to showcase the never-ending building options you have with the Puzzle Playground sets:

* Below photos and playground creations courtesy of wiffy

Puzzle Playground - 1

Puzzle Playground - 2

Puzzle Playground - 3

For even more ideas, check out this link.


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