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Kinder Lab Tests

by dusty on October 29, 2008



An interesting article from Popular Science talks about new procedures that will path the way for more  humane animal lab tests, such as using artificial skin grown from human cells, microchips coated with enzymes and living cells, and so on…

“Kill Cells, Not Mice – Here’s another device animal lovers can get behind. A liver-on-a-chip will reveal how new drugs react in the body, without killing animals in the process. The system pairs the MetaChip, a glass slide coated with liver enzymes, with the DataChip, a slide covered with live human cells from various tissues, to test whether new drug candidates will become toxic in the liver. The tech, developed by Solidus Biosciences, has received federal funding and will launch next year.”
(except from article)

This is a definitely a promising start towards pushing for newer techniques and methods that will lessen the need and intensity to use animals for testing in labs.

Read more details of this article from Popular Science.

Meanwhile, you can play your part in giving animals a better life, by looking for and using products that declare that they do not perform tests on animals while developing the product.


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