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Hamster Hideout Highlights

Meet Meowmies‘ Pompadour, a cute and innocent looking winter white pearl boy … but who knew he had the hidden special talent of flower arrangement? Pompadour (aka Pompy) is going to show you four easy steps to flower arrangement, the hamster way.

Hamster's guide to flower arrangement

Pompadour’s Flower Arranging Guide

ONE – “Firstly, get yourself a nice big dandelion flower, make sure it is fresh and clean.”
TWO – “Turn it up this way. I feel this helps to show the flower’s outer beauty.”
THREE – “Cut off that unsightly stem.”
FOUR – “… And your elegant centrepiece is complete! The perfect decoration for any home!”

Remember to give clean/washed/pesticide free flowers for your hamsters to handle, to prevent skin rashes.


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