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Cheerleading Practice

by dusty on July 28, 2009


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This week’s edition of Featured Hamster Home features Munchkins’ home for her hamster Sherbet. Munchkins is using a UK brand of hamster cage called Gabber Lux (Note: not available in the US currently).

I’d admit it, what attracted me first to this set up are the super cheery colours and cute, compact design. In my opinion, it’s ideal for those who are looking for a more compact set up, and more suitable for singly-housed dwarf hamster. It is a good alternative for dwarf hamster owners who want ready-made commercial cages (versus DIY bins or modular expansion kits that takes up more space).


Hamster Hideout (HH): What are the parts that part up the entire set-up, & estimated costs?

Munchkins (M):

- Gabber Lux cage – £28 (bought at local pet store)
- “Cushy tunnel” – £2.25 (sherbet loves it!)
- Wheel – £2.99!
- Rotastak water bottle – £1.99
- Silent Spinner – FOC (gift from friend)

Total: Approximately £39 (including other accessories).

HH: What are the dimensions of the main cage?


Height – 11 inches or 28cm
Width – 22 inches or 55cm
Depth – 15 inches or 40 cm


HH: What are your reason(s) for choosing this set up?

M: I chose the cage mainly because I wanted a large cage to suit my dwarf hamster – Sherbet, and I didn’t want to have to make a bin cage, as I needed a new cage quickly, (Sherbet and Cookie absolutely hated each other and I needed to separate them as soon as I could.) I settled for this cage because of the attractive layout, large size and low price!

HH: What are the pros and cons of using this set up for Sherbet?

M: The only problems I’ve had with it are that the water bottle and wheel supplied with it were truly awful, the water bottle leaked everywhere and wouldn’t stay in place, and the wheel was really small, didn’t turn smoothly ( it wasn’t even properly round :|), and was quite sharp in places!

Having said that, It’s super easy to clean out and looks great, plus it’s a fun cage for Sherbet – with the little ladders, wheel, toys and spiral tube. It’s great watching her whiz up the tubes and down the ladders!
I also found that it is really easy to get Sherbet out – the door is easy to open but she can’t reach it to escape! I think that it really is the best cage I’ve had for a dwarf hamster, it’s very durable and has lasted for the past two years!


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