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Hold your breath, for I am willing to vouch with my hamsters’ weekly allowance of sunflower seeds (sorry, Neko and Nikole! :| ) that the cage set up you’re going to see will be one-of-its-kind and one of the most unique you have ever seen.

Ready? Here you gooooo!

'Ikea' Hamster Home

Are you impressed? Did you go ‘woah!’ like I did when I first saw this photo?


This is the genius of HH member Flea, from Germany. In the words of HoppingHammy, “You people in Germany are so creative and always have the nicest, most natural looking cages.” Here’s the exclusive interview with Flea.

HH (Hamster Hideout): What gives you the inspiration for such a creative set up?
Flea: I got most of my ideas from a German hamster forum and adapted it to my conditions.

HH: What are the dimensions of the Ikea bookshelf?
Flea: The dimensions of the ‘Expedit’ bookshelf are 149 x 39 x 149 cm

HH: What are the dimensions of each ‘level’?
'Ikea' Hamster Home
Flea: Every Hamster lives in one floor (5 floors in total) and each has an area of 139 x 39 cm

HH: How do you wash the ‘cage’? And what is the average cleaning time?
Flea: I remove the bedding with a shovel and then wipe everything out with a wet cloth. Due to the big doors it’s quite easy.
I take about 20 minutes to clean each level.

HH: How long have you been using this set up?
Flea: I build the entire set up in February 08. For the furniture, I change one thing in the cages about every two weeks to avoid my hamsters from getting bored.

HH: What are some of the pros and cons of using this set up?
-A lot space. My hammies really enjoy running and digging through it!
-In my opinion it looks better than a cage :D
-It’s space-saving if you have more hamsters
-It was cheaper than to buy four tanks/aquariums in that size
-The big doors: I can reach everything in the cage easily and pick up my hammies everywhere
- I can observe my hams very well

-It’s very heavy. If I want to move it, I’ll have to take it apart.

HH: What DIY works did you do to the cage?
'Ikea' Hamster Home
Flea: I screwed on a back board made of laminated chipboard. On the front I screwed on a rail with a height of 10 cm to avoid bedding from falling out from the cage. At these rails, I fixed the doors with hinges. To make the doors, I’ve sawed the holes with a jig saw and fixed the mesh inside. For locking the doors, I screwed bars/lock bolts on the doors. I used an electric staple gun to attach the wire mesh onto the door. Then I glued a barrier on the floor for the wodent wheel area. At last I’ve sealed the grooves with silicone for aquariums (non-toxic) to avoid urine from infiltrating the chipboard.

HH: Did you make the wooden toys? They are beautiful!!
'Ikea' Hamster Home
Flea: I made the houses myself using plywood. Unfortunately my hammies don’t use them. They sleep behind their wheel :twisted:

HH: What are the parts that make up your entire set up & estimated costs?

'Ikea' Hamster Home

-Expedit Bookshelf 40 € (used/ second-hand)
-Chipboard 35 €
-Screws, hinges and locks abt. 50 €
-Mesh 0 € (got it as a present )
-Edge bander 6 €
-Silicone 6 €
-Varnish (to paint the hinges white) 5 €

Entire cost for the hamster home abt. 142€
Excluding: Wodent Wheels and ‘furniture’ costing about. 80 € (I had a lot at home. The running wheels are the most expensive.)

(Note: The currency is in Euro €)

HH: Thanks a bunch for doing this interview!
Flea: Thank you as well for your interest in my hamster’s home! :-)


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hammyhamsters' first DIY hamster bin

In this week’s edition of “Featured Hamster Home“, we look out how hammyhamsters build her very first bin. What caught my attention is how she attach a Crittertrail door on the bin, which really struck me as very clever.

Hamster Hideout (HH): How did you attach the Crittertrail door on the bin?

hammyhamsters (hammy): Since I used to have all my hamsters in Crittertrail cages (that is, until I realized how cruel it was to keep hamsters in such a small, confined area), I have a lot of extra Crittertrail cages. For this bin I cut off the door and back of one of the Crittertrails. Then I cut a hole (the size and shape of the door) with an electric jigsaw in the bin. I also did this on the back of the bin. After this, I got some screws, washers, and nuts and attached the pieces of the Crittertrail with these.

HH: Do you usually access your ham from the doorway or the top?

hammy: Usually when it’s night time and time for the hamsters to be awake, McLovin (the hamster living in this bin) is standing at the doorway, ready to come out! It’s easy to access him from the doorway at night, but if I have to clean their cages during the day, I access him from the lid.

HH: How did you make the top lid?

hammyhamsters' first DIY hamster bin

hammy: For the top lid, I cut out a hole in the lid, measured how much wire mesh I needed, cut the wire mesh, and attached the mesh with screws, washers, and nuts.

HH: What tools did you use?

hammy: For tools, I needed a drill with a couple different bits, an electric jigsaw (used to cut the holes in the bin), a lot of screws, washers, and nuts.

HH: What are the estimated costs for setting up this home for McLovin?

hammy: If you don’t include the tools I had to buy (since I didn’t really have a lot to begin with) then the bin was basically free! I already had the storage bin in my house, so I didn’t have to buy that either. If you have tools and a couple bucks to spend on a plastic storage bin, you can make a bin cage. It’s really not too hard.


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This week’s edition of Featured Hamster Home features Munchkins’ home for her hamster Sherbet. Munchkins is using a UK brand of hamster cage called Gabber Lux (Note: not available in the US currently).

I’d admit it, what attracted me first to this set up are the super cheery colours and cute, compact design. In my opinion, it’s ideal for those who are looking for a more compact set up, and more suitable for singly-housed dwarf hamster. It is a good alternative for dwarf hamster owners who want ready-made commercial cages (versus DIY bins or modular expansion kits that takes up more space).


Hamster Hideout (HH): What are the parts that part up the entire set-up, & estimated costs?

Munchkins (M):

- Gabber Lux cage – £28 (bought at local pet store)
- “Cushy tunnel” – £2.25 (sherbet loves it!)
- Wheel – £2.99!
- Rotastak water bottle – £1.99
- Silent Spinner – FOC (gift from friend)

Total: Approximately £39 (including other accessories).

HH: What are the dimensions of the main cage?


Height – 11 inches or 28cm
Width – 22 inches or 55cm
Depth – 15 inches or 40 cm


HH: What are your reason(s) for choosing this set up?

M: I chose the cage mainly because I wanted a large cage to suit my dwarf hamster – Sherbet, and I didn’t want to have to make a bin cage, as I needed a new cage quickly, (Sherbet and Cookie absolutely hated each other and I needed to separate them as soon as I could.) I settled for this cage because of the attractive layout, large size and low price!

HH: What are the pros and cons of using this set up for Sherbet?

M: The only problems I’ve had with it are that the water bottle and wheel supplied with it were truly awful, the water bottle leaked everywhere and wouldn’t stay in place, and the wheel was really small, didn’t turn smoothly ( it wasn’t even properly round :|), and was quite sharp in places!

Having said that, It’s super easy to clean out and looks great, plus it’s a fun cage for Sherbet – with the little ladders, wheel, toys and spiral tube. It’s great watching her whiz up the tubes and down the ladders!
I also found that it is really easy to get Sherbet out – the door is easy to open but she can’t reach it to escape! I think that it really is the best cage I’ve had for a dwarf hamster, it’s very durable and has lasted for the past two years!


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