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HuHam Bond

by wiffy on September 22, 2009

HuHam Bond

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HuHam Bond is a new series of short stories celebrating the close human-hamster bond. It shows the intricate and touching friendship between hamster and human, showing how a small animal like a hamster is capable of unconditional love.

If you would like to own a hamster, consider the option of adopting. Read Hamster Tails for heartwarming stories of hamster adoptions that will tug at your heartstrings.

If you wish to submit a story, please send it to huhambond (at) hamsterhideout [dot] com

Credits: HH Designer Maremoto for designing the lovely logo, dusty and maremoto for coming up with the name for this series.

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1 George Caldwell March 17, 2011 at 12:05 pm

A hamster can be capable of love depending on how smart it is or how hard you work at the relationship of you and your hamster. Mine (Boo Boo) appears to atleast like me he cries when he gets lonely and when I pick him up he will sometimes lick my hand or face. One time he was walking on me when I was laying down and walked up to my face, It kinda scared me because I thought he was going to bite me but he licked my face.

2 George Caldwell March 17, 2011 at 12:29 pm

I read one story on here where a hamster died I hate the fact that hamsters don’t live long. I did not know of this until I got Boo Boo. I got him from some idiot I know who bought him for his son and for almost a year they just ignored him. Well one day he said he was going to let the hamster go. I told him its a hamster man it can’t live on its own and he said if I wanted to save it to take it home with me. Well I always had a soft heart for animals. I mostly had cats as a kid. The only thing I knew about hamsters was they are kinda like a mouse. I looked up on how to care for a hamster when I got home, and bought him the proper stuff , Mixed food , aspen stuff , and his bed he seems to like to fix on his own, so when I clean his bed I give him toliet paper pieces until he is satisfied. I had to name him too the guys son never moved in so he never messes with the hamster enough to even name it. I named him Boo Boo because that was what he responded to more positive than any. When I learned about the life span it kinda made me sad. I thought they would live as long as a cat. I don’t think I will ever want another hamster again after Boo Boo. I did not think I would get so attached to him but I am. I think he is a year and a half old maybey a little younger or a little older i’m not sure. Like I said they pretty much just gave him food and left him on his own. He seems happier here and I am glad to do at least that for the little animal. Maybe I sound a little selfish but I am only human.

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