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Hamster Toys

Hamster-Powered Shredder

by dusty on October 22, 2008


This is already posted at the forum before, but I just thought I will put it here as well.


Hamster-Powered Shredder

The original name of this project is “Hamster Shredder” but I think it might cause some people to confuse it with a hamster torture device! That’s why I’m naming it as Hamster-Powered Shredder here. :)

It’s a clever little contraption that makes use of the energy from a hamster wheel to power a paper shredder on top of the cage. In the process, the shredded paper becomes instant nesting material for the hamster! Okay, I know there is concern about the ink from the paper being harmful to the hamster, so if you do get this device, do use plain paper okay? :) That kinda defeats the original purpose of being a confidential paper shredder though, lol.

I’m quite sure that this is only a proof-of-concept prototype, not in the market yet. Anyway, have fun looking at the idea!


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USB Hamster Wheel

by dusty on July 16, 2008


Here’s something that hamster lovers might wanna add to their collection:

USB Hamster

USB Hamster Wheel

Yeah, the wheel is not the most practical type (for a hamster in real life) since it has individual rungs instead of a solid surface, lol,  but hey, this is a toy, and it looks really cute right?

You connect it via USB to your PC and install the included software. Then as you type on the keyboard, the hamster runs! The faster you type, the faster the hamster goes!

Not sure why it is stated that it requires 2xAA batteries though when it also says that the hamster and the wheel are powered by USB.

They do not come cheap too, costing about £25 (that’s US$45). And the last we checked (date this post is published), this little dude on the bright red wheel was, gasp, sold out!


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