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Cute Hamster Mugshots


Hamster Hideout Highlights

Meet Meowmies‘ Pompadour, a cute and innocent looking winter white pearl boy … but who knew he had the hidden special talent of flower arrangement? Pompadour (aka Pompy) is going to show you four easy steps to flower arrangement, the hamster way.

Hamster's guide to flower arrangement

Pompadour’s Flower Arranging Guide

ONE – “Firstly, get yourself a nice big dandelion flower, make sure it is fresh and clean.”
TWO – “Turn it up this way. I feel this helps to show the flower’s outer beauty.”
THREE – “Cut off that unsightly stem.”
FOUR – “… And your elegant centrepiece is complete! The perfect decoration for any home!”

Remember to give clean/washed/pesticide free flowers for your hamsters to handle, to prevent skin rashes.


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Hamster Hideout Highlights

Newsflash: A hamster has been caught trying to steal a bicycle even though he couldn’t reach the pedal. The sneaky little one has been identified as Twipster a.k.a. Twip.

Although Twip denied any wrong doing: “I just happened to be in the area, minding my own business!”, below are some irrefutable evidence of the act as caught on the surveillance camera:


Please be on the lookout as such cases are on the rise and lock your bicycles securely.

Thanks to rhapsody for submitting the evidence! ^o^


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Nikole goes to the supermarket

by wiffy on October 16, 2008


Have you wondered how to keep hamsters chubby, fluffy and happy?

The secret is in the diet. Glorious fresh foods keep their fur shiny and nice; and of course an abundance of food helps keep their mood (and weight) up =P

Nikole chan ensures that there will always be lots of food … by shopping for them herself of course! =x

My hamster goes to the supermarket

Nikole chan at the supermarket – “guessed I have picked enough food for a day
Neko – “Hey nikole, did you remember to pack more bell peppers for me?

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Note from wiffy:

Hello everyone, sorry there has been scant & irregular updates on the HH Blog for the past two months. Had been super busy with my work projects … and the truth is also I haven’t been diligent & consistent in blogging here (one word: procrastination =P). That doesn’t mean, though, that we haven’t been brewing new & exciting updates for the blog. In fact, there’s a new Neko comic series coming out (done months ago, waiting to see light of day, just like the above photo =x). We will also have a new series about hamster adoptions coming by the end of the week (thanks to HoppingHammy who worked really hard to help make it happen ;)) as well as new photos and videos. I will try to update this blog more regularly, there is just so much ham-pening going on to share with everyone!)

Do give us a squeak to give us some feedback at the end of the posts … We like to know that our stories are being read, and your encouragement & suggestions keep us going :)


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