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Movies to Watch with your Hamster

by wiffy on January 11, 2010


Hamster Watching Movie Artwork
Credits: Illustration by Maremoto (HH Designer)

Note by editor: This is a first article written by HH newest writer, ViggySidney. It’s a really fun and witty article about the type of movies hamsters enjoy. Check out the hamster-edition synopsis and what critics have to say so that you know what movie to rent next time you want to spend movie night with your hamster ;)


Viggy and I used to enjoy watching movies, almost everyday. He loved to act during his “free time” – as if hamsters went to work, right? In addition, he would ask me to play one of his favourite movies, for him to watch and practice. I would make popcorn and prepare the movie, while he would get his igloo ready and grab some snacks. Here’s a list of his favourite movies.

A movie of friendship between a rodent and a garbage-boy-turned-chef-thanks-to-the-rodent. Follow the adventures of Hammy, whose dream is to become a chef in the city of Paris.

“Yogurt drops haven’t tasted this good before” – The Hamster Newspaper

“I give it 10 whiskers out of 10” – H entertainment

The Hammy King
The story of a little hamster who wants to become King. Follow Simham and his friends on their musical journey as they make their way to the kingdom.

“I shred tears, as well as my wood shavings” – A hamster fan

“A musical that will make you squeak your whiskers out “– The Hammy Post

“Dancing on Carefresh has never been so fun” – The National Ham

A Ham’s Toy Story
You would think all hamsters knew who they were; but not Hamz Lightyear, who is a new hamster in the house and thinks that he is a human spaceman. Hoody the cowboy hamster does not like the idea of a new hamster in the house. He just plans to kick Hamz off the table, but accidentally kicks him out of the house. After a short investigation by his hamster friends, they find out who kicked Hamz out of the house. Hoody tries to save to the day by bringing Hamz back home. Follow Hoody and Hamz on the adventure of a lifetime and Hamz’s realization that he is not a human spaceman, but he just happens to be a hamster wearing plastic.

“Hamster toys may be expensive, but this toy movie is priceless” – Hamster Hood

“When you know this movie can become a MasterCard commercial, you know it is pure gold” – Hamster Central

“I give it a 10 out of 10 and hope there is a Seedquel.” – Anonymous

A movie in which the title speaks for itself, but the movie doesn’t say much. Still, it does not fail to touch your hearts. Hamm-E is the only hamster left on Earth, until he comes across a ‘SPACEcial” hamster named E-Hamm. E-Hamm is sent back to her world, and Hamm-E follows all the way to outer space.

“It’s like a coloured silent movie, except for the noise made by crying people” – Hammy Robert

“Hamm-E bit my heart” – A true fan

Hamsters, Inc
Hamsters can be quite noisy during the night, but can they scare? Hamsters, Inc. a corporation whose mission is to scare the whiskers out of hamster owners. Hamlley is the top scarer at the company and with the help of his best friend Hike; they try to save a 2-year old girl who accidentally steps into their world.

“These hamsters are quite brave. Excellent movie, but do expect the movie to freeze from time to time to due to frightened hamsters.” – Hamster Magazine

“I did my nocturnal routine in the morning, just to watch this movie” – a random hamster

Finding Hammy
NeHam gets lost in the woods, and gets caught by a visitor, who later sells him to the local dentist office. He spends his days waiting for his dad to come to the rescue. Hamrlin begins a global search for his son, and on the way, he encounters a female hamster named Doriham, who suffers from short-term memory loss. Together they embark into great adventures. Will they rescue NeHam?

“Beautiful and inspirational. Right after I finished watching this. I began to look for the seeds I hid the night before. Makes you appreciate what you have.” – Dr. Hamster

“A hamster trapped in a stranger cage and at the dentist? This movie has the potential of an awareness campaign to save struggling hamsters.” – The Hamster Defense Team

Grab your popcorn and your seeds. Enjoy the movies!


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Kinder Lab Tests

by dusty on October 29, 2008



An interesting article from Popular Science talks about new procedures that will path the way for more  humane animal lab tests, such as using artificial skin grown from human cells, microchips coated with enzymes and living cells, and so on…

“Kill Cells, Not Mice – Here’s another device animal lovers can get behind. A liver-on-a-chip will reveal how new drugs react in the body, without killing animals in the process. The system pairs the MetaChip, a glass slide coated with liver enzymes, with the DataChip, a slide covered with live human cells from various tissues, to test whether new drug candidates will become toxic in the liver. The tech, developed by Solidus Biosciences, has received federal funding and will launch next year.”
(except from article)

This is a definitely a promising start towards pushing for newer techniques and methods that will lessen the need and intensity to use animals for testing in labs.

Read more details of this article from Popular Science.

Meanwhile, you can play your part in giving animals a better life, by looking for and using products that declare that they do not perform tests on animals while developing the product.


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Our last article compared the pros and cons of tanks vs. bins, now let’s take a look at the differences of plastic vs. wire housing…starting with plastic.

Plastic cages


  • Protects against drafts
  • Easy to see through
  • Prevents bar chewing


  • Usually has poor ventilation
  • Might be chewed up quickly
  • Prone to crack over time
  • Might be hot and stuffy inside

Plastic cages are probably one of the most popular/sold housing types available today. They are usually designed to be very colorful and eye appealing to both children and adults

There are many different types and styles, ranging from round to rectangular, and some are even made to be clear and in the shape of an “aquarium” tank, which can be a great thing if you want the look of a tank without the weight! However, the largest these are typically manufactured to be is in a 10 gallon size, so if you ever wish to expand, the only possible way is to insert long tubes through the lid or to perform modifications such as cutting a hole at the side of the unit and joining the tube through it. Some brands that are available in the UK (such as Savic, ZooZone, and FOP) make wonderful housing as they are quite roomy and allow for an 8 inch wheel, if needed, but again they might be difficult to add on to, should you wish to expand.

With a plastic cage (I happen to use the Habitrail OVO line as an add-on), I love the fact I can blast the fan or a.c. in my room without worrying about it blowing directly on my hams and they can stay toasty warm in their little dens. However, this also means I need to control the temperature more closely to avoid it getting hot & stuffy on summer days. The ventilation in most plastic cages that are on the market today can also be very poor, if you use these as a sole habitat, so if you choose to use plastic, be sure to clean it out often to avoid ammonia fume buildup inside. Just because you can’t smell it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. ;) Perhaps you can consider attaching a wire cage for better airflow so your hamster can have the best of both worlds! Oh yeah, wire cages….let’s look at those now:

Wire cages


  • Allows proper ventilation and air flow
  • Gives opportunities for climbing
  • Allows for better interaction with your hamster
  • Gives your hamster a chance to smell and see his surroundings


  • A bad choice for hamsters who are impulsive bar chewers
  • Bedding & droppings do not stay inside without a deep base
  • Hard to take photos through the bars
  • Not ideal for drafty environments
  • Hard to add on with no pre-cut tube holes

With wire cages, you need not worry about them getting as stuffy or stinky like a plastic housing unit, but of course they still need dilligent cleaning, like any cage. There are some models on the market today which are made for easy disassembly where you can slide out a bottom tray or lift the top wire part off and clean the base out. Try to find a cage with a deep enough base to allow for ample shavings for your hamster’s burrowing pleasure, but also so the bedding isn’t kicked out and ends up on your nicely-vacuumed carpet! Also take care, when cleaning the metal parts, that water and other solvents are wiped and dried off completely to avoid rusting the bars.
The main drawbacks of a wire cage is that 99% of them do not have precut holes to connect tubes for expansion. Unless you get one big enough to start, such as the Jack 72 resort, it will be frustrating to add-on to these. Another thing to keep in mind, if you are a budding photographer, is that the wire bars make a great “prison cell” effect for your photos, but after about 3 shots, they will start becoming annoying and you’ll wish you had a better view of your furry critter!
Overall, Wire cages are a great choice if your ham is a little monkey who loves to climb and you live in a warmer climate, but keep in mind what was said about bar chewing……*nom nom nom*


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