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The Twelve Days of Christmas (hamster-style)

Click image for link to YouTube music video!

This is a music video produced by the creative members of Hamster Hideout Forum. Hope you like it!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at HH!

Special thanks to HoppingHammy, Azayles, tinypixiexoxo, AccioGuitar, GangstaGirl, MilkyFactory & also Wonton(hamster) for making this video possible!

Be sure to view at 720p for HD (Hamster Definition) quality!


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Happy Halloween? You Bat-Cha!

by dusty on November 1, 2010


Featured hamster: wiffy’s Mario

Did you have a happy Halloween?

Also posted on Tell a Toy Story.


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Hamster Hideout is pleased to present the winner of December 09’s ‘Hamster of the Month’ award!

Entries: 8

Votes: 9 out of 24 (1 vote per member)

Winner: kisetsu’s Hermie


HH: Hi Hermie, congratulations for winning Hamster of the Month! How are you feeling now?

HM: (Speaking into Google translator for ham-language to English) *squeak squeak shriek shriek*

Ham-rrific! I never felt so achieved before in my life. It’s so fulfilling, I think I can retire now. See owners, I told you I am cute. The people in HH have spoken. There is a certain degree of cuteness in me. (owner -> :mrgreen: ) Thank you so much to all who has voted for me. It’s a tough competition because all the hams are so cute. It is an encouragement for a hamster who’s being labeled as ugly since young. :down: Thank you for supporting me!


HH: You mentioned that if you win, you would like to share your life story with our readers! Sounds interesting!

HM: Yes yes. I have a story to tell. The human world is a conspiracy! (owner -> :!: What! *pokes Hermie’s nose*) Ouch! I was born somewhere and transported to another country’s petshop as the first batch of Motted Winter Whites. I arrived into a brightly lighted tank and was housed with many of my same kind. I was constantly being bullied! They bit my ears and wouldn’t allow me to play with them and the toys. Everytime I went near them, they would gang up on me. So in my days there, I was usually at the more vacant corner, sitting alone.

One day, I was sitting in my little corner when the biggest bully came up to me and demanded that I gave up my space for him. I had it with him and decided to fight back! It was a loud and furious fight, I gave my all! But I lost and ran into the hideout to take cover.  As I was crying inside, the humans lift up the hideout and the female one pointed at me saying: “This one gotta go.”  The man in uniform grabbed me and sealed me up in a dark box. I thought this was it, they must have thought I was the troublemaker and were sending me to exile. The box opened up after a long time and I slid into a tank and inside; there were abundant food and water, some small toys and a hideout. For many days I stayed in the hideout and never came out. (owner -> “Hermie, you are such a crybaby, you cried everynight!” :-D ) Then one day, during housekeeping, I met an old wise grandham. He was the pioneer hamster there and he told me “Welcome to Hamsty World. This is your home.” He died of old age not long after that. :cry:


HH: What’s it like living in Hamsty Hamster World? Do you have a lot of friends?

HM: The Hamsty World is maintained by 2 owners and currently there are 9 ham hams staying within close distance. This means I do have a lot of friends with me here. Our cages are located very closely, we can talk to our neighbours. It’s never quiet here. When I first came to Hamsty World, there were a lot of hammies here already. I was the youngest back then. Most are winter whites except for 2 small little talkative ones they call themselves the robos. It was a male dominated world then. We were brothers and the owners treated us equally. Gradually, the owners started adopting females. I was so happy when the owners told me one day that they would find a bride for me. Fast-forward 2 years later, I’m still SINGLE and AVAILABLE! What happen to the proposal?!  :vangry:


HH: So do you have a girlfriend now?

HM: Like I said, the proposal never come true! The owners did find a partner for me. She was the most beautiful hammie I ever seen! She has big round eyes, soft fur and a pair of pinky ears. We grow up together. She’s my closest neighbour staying just below me. But then alas, a young fat hamster called Earl came into Hamsty and he hits off with her. The owners pronounced them as a couple instead of me :cry: . So here I am, hopelessly single. Any ham here interested in me? I’m cute you know. *Winks*


HH: How did you get your name as Hermie? Do you have any nicknames?

HM: See, the owner is one nasty person. Because I hid in the hideout during my initial days at Hamsty, the owner said I am a hermit! :x So when naming me, she called me Hermie, derived from the word Hermit! :roll:

The co-owner is also another meanie. Because my right ear is torn from all the bite holes, he nicknamed me ‘Pirate of the Caribbean’.  The owner also keeps pronouncing my name the wrong way as ‘Hei Mee’ which sounds like ‘prawn noodle’ in their dialect language. I’m made a laughing stock by the rest of the hams. :twisted:

HH: Describe your likes and dislikes.

HM: Well, I love to hide. I prefer a shelter over my head, it’s safer. The wheel is another equipment I like, it keeps me fit and active and I run every night without fail. I also love to spend time in the communal playpen which has lots of different toys and the owners change it often so that we do not get bored. I also like to listen to conversations. :wink: Unaware to my owners, I do understand their language.

What I dislike? Being played by my 2 owners. They like to swing me in the air or put me on a big pillow then started shaking as if it’s an earthquake. :roll: Not fun at all to me. I also do not like being overfed. Let me reveal the human conspiracy! They want to make us as fat hams! The owner always says I’m malnourished and thin. But I’m just the right size unlike some of my fat neighbour hams! Everytime they give me lots of food, I will take whatever I want and pee in the bowl so that they will remove the rest. :cool: I’m clever. (owner -> “Now I know why you pee in your foodbowl! :kiss: )

HH: Anything else you would like to say to our readers?

HM: Lastly, thank you HH readers for voting me and do keep HH spirit alive. The owner always tells us that HH is the most informative and exciting place to be in. Paws up for it! :up: Now, owner, when are you going to print out the HH calendar? I’m also featured in it too you know. (owner -> “Coming soon, be patient!” :o ) Adieus lovely hams and people! :love:


Credits: HH Designer Cloudpuff for making the original award certificate and wiffy for updating it

See past and present winners, at the HH Hall of Fame



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