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Hello everyone! I am Neko, affectionately called Neko Chan by my owner wiffy.

Unknownst to my owner, I am actually a super hamham, and I am a computer genius. I am capable of complex stuff like nano-programming and hacking blogs to post content without the owner of the blog ever noticing anything amiss.

I will post here occasionally to share with you some of the ham-ppenings that goes on in my life.

Like there was this one time, wiffy was gone for 3 weeks and came home wif lots of ham pressies. But my ultra-sensitive whiskers sensed something was wrong, really wrong when she made me do a group photo.

Neko posing with presents

See that sign in front? Wiffy tells me that it means ‘Los Angeles, Neko’ and it’s a souvenir license tag she bought for me. What a scam!!! She didn’t know my secret that I am a super hamham who can read!!! Grrrr…. Is there a charter for hamster rights, anyone?

And this was what happened to me::

Hamster Hideout Comic: Misadventures of Neko Chan

Thank you for reading my greviences, and stay tuned for part two!

And btw, beware of clever, IT-savvy & literate hamsters!!!

=== wiffy’s note ===

I love Neko Chan so much that I made a couple of comics about him. This was posted on my old blog, and at the forum before. Why is the series named “Misadventures of Neko Chan”? Because somehow, I think he has a “pitiful” look on his face, so I always imagined myself bullying & making fun of him (in an affectionate way, of course). In my (over-imaginative) mind, I picture Neko as a super hamham, with special powers of reading, writing and computer programming. He uses my computer when I’m not home, and kept his supernatural powers from me, and occasionally, he gets back at me by teasing me on my blog (without me ever finding out) even though I thought I had the upper hand of poking fun at him!

Stay tuned for Part 2! I have already drew the storyboard for Part 3 and I’ll make it soon. Neko Chan is about 1 year, 2 months old now so I will make as many comics as I can, no matter how busy I may be :)


View the previous issues here.


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