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Hamster of the Month – November 2009 – Muah Ji

by dusty on December 30, 2009


Hamster Hideout is pleased to present the winner of November 09’s ‘Hamster of the Month’ award!

Muah Ji

Entries: 9

Votes: 6 out of 25 (1 vote per member)

Winner: KISS’s Muah Ji

Muah Ji

HH: Hi Muah Ji, congratulations for winning Hamster of the Month! How are you feeling now?
MJ: WEEEE~! I’m really lucky and overjoyed~ I must say the other contestants are good too. It’s my honour to win! Feels like I am eating the tastiest treat ever, the happiest thing ever. So I think the other room mates are jealous! I bet they are going to ask my owner to enter them into the contest too. So, for my winning reward from my owner would be TREATS and more treats. -Please-

Muah Ji

HH: That photo of you eating while lying on your back is so cute! Do you get a lot of treats from your owner?
MJ: I used to have lots of treats, but not anymore. Well, I am not supposed to have too much treats because my owner says I’m fat. She said that I should cut down on my diet, otherwise, I will be like a huge meat ball. But, I can’t resist the treats! I don’t think any hamster can, right? Of course, my owner can’t resist my cuteness as well. If she refuse to give me, I will bug her for it! That’s when she can’t bear not to give me. -Hehe- But, she tries to limit my amount of treats.

Muah Ji
(Muah Ji with Souffle)

HH: Are there other pet animals in your neighbourhood whom you are friends with?
MJ: Sadly, no. However, I sensed some one was here before. It’s a normal winter white dwarf hamster, rescued by my owner at the lift lobby outside my owner’s house. It belongs to the neighbour opposite. I didn’t get to get near the little fellow because she didn’t know if that little fellow has got any illness or anything that’s contagious. Thus, she didn’t allow me and my room mates see or get near the little fellow. My owner even had a quarrel with her mother because it belong to the neighbour that owner’s mother dislike. Saying that my owner is being nosy and that the neighbour will not appreciate her for doing such thing. But in that situation, my owner has got no choice. We are staying on the 24th storey and it was very windy at 1am. That little fellow nearly fell off from the edge!!! That made my owner even want to rescued it more. She lured it into the container with tiny holes on the lid, gave food and a piece of vegetable in case it get thirsty. Yes, with tissue papers as bedding to keep warm. That little fellow quickly munch on the food like it was really hungry. But, owner’s mother was very unhappy about it and placed that little fellow with the container outside the house an hour later… And we never know if it is safely back to the owner or taken away by other human. -Sigh-

Muah Ji

HH: Describe your likes and dislikes.
MJ: Alright, let’s come back to the happier topic. I definitely love my owner to play with me! Her room is my playpen, my playground! Only I can. Because I am trained to go to my owner when she calls me, and I don’t pee in her room. But i do poo and munch my food in her room, at a corner. -Oops- I love to munch and I munch on anything, yes, anything and everything! I definitely like my ability to act cute. No, i should say I’m born cute! -Grinds- Another thing that I like is, clean wheel! But it gets dirty because I pee in the wheel. -Oops- Once it gets dirty I won’t run the wheel. That’s why I am being praised smart by my owner. -Hehe- I dislike being left alone when I want to come out and play. But when I am asleep, I dislike being disturb! I would bite my owner’s finger softly if she disturb me. In order not to be disturbed by my owner when I want to be alone, this is the place I would go… The toilet roll! Hmmm, looks more like a kitchen towel roll.

Muah Ji

HH: Anything else you would like to say to our readers?
MJ: I sincerely thank humans and hammies for voting for me, from the bottom of my heart. -Smiles- Time for my reward~


Credits: HH Designer Cloudpuff for making the original award certificate and wiffy for updating it

See past and present winners, at the HH Hall of Fame

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{ 5 comments… read them below or add one }

1 wiffy December 30, 2009 at 9:32 am

I’m so glad you won this month Muah Ji! You are such a photogenic hamster, I really love the shot of you lying on your back, haha … and you have such a sweet personality!

2 lemonadenoi December 30, 2009 at 9:55 am

Wow, you really deserve to win, Muah Ji!! I love everything about you. I love the last photo the most! Who can resist toilet roll/kitchen roll? Both of my hammy love it!!! You make me miss them even more.
Congrats lil’ one! Yeah, you’re such a sweet creature. Muahhxx muahxxxxx


3 lilham December 31, 2009 at 3:15 am

congratulations, muah ji!! you’ve got a great personality!!

4 hammie_ham December 31, 2009 at 3:38 am

Aww congrats! <3 :)

5 hamster lover765 January 4, 2015 at 12:07 pm

congragaluations muah J

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