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DIY bin that comes with Crittertrail doors

Posted By wiffy On June 4, 2008 @ 4:30 pm In Featured Hamster Home | 15 Comments


hammyhamsters' first DIY hamster bin

In this week’s edition of “Featured Hamster Home“, we look out how hammyhamsters build her very first bin. What caught my attention is how she attach a Crittertrail door on the bin, which really struck me as very clever.

Hamster Hideout (HH): How did you attach the Crittertrail door on the bin?

hammyhamsters (hammy): Since I used to have all my hamsters in Crittertrail cages (that is, until I realized how cruel it was to keep hamsters in such a small, confined area), I have a lot of extra Crittertrail cages. For this bin I cut off the door and back of one of the Crittertrails. Then I cut a hole (the size and shape of the door) with an electric jigsaw in the bin. I also did this on the back of the bin. After this, I got some screws, washers, and nuts and attached the pieces of the Crittertrail with these.

HH: Do you usually access your ham from the doorway or the top?

hammy: Usually when it’s night time and time for the hamsters to be awake, McLovin (the hamster living in this bin) is standing at the doorway, ready to come out! It’s easy to access him from the doorway at night, but if I have to clean their cages during the day, I access him from the lid.

HH: How did you make the top lid?

hammyhamsters' first DIY hamster bin

hammy: For the top lid, I cut out a hole in the lid, measured how much wire mesh I needed, cut the wire mesh, and attached the mesh with screws, washers, and nuts.

HH: What tools did you use?

hammy: For tools, I needed a drill with a couple different bits, an electric jigsaw (used to cut the holes in the bin), a lot of screws, washers, and nuts.

HH: What are the estimated costs for setting up this home for McLovin?

hammy: If you don’t include the tools I had to buy (since I didn’t really have a lot to begin with) then the bin was basically free! I already had the storage bin in my house, so I didn’t have to buy that either. If you have tools and a couple bucks to spend on a plastic storage bin, you can make a bin cage. It’s really not too hard.


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